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How Technology Impacts Your Personal Data, Security, And Privacy?

With the development of the digital era, finding people’s personal data and getting access to their privacy is became somehow easy. The technology era has no privacy. That’s why privacy concerns appear to be trending news every day. Whether government spying or people giving information about themselves away on social media, privacy is nowhere. This blog discusses how technology impacts your personal data, security, and privacy.

Technology is causing a threat to people’s privacy. Despite the fact that we have limited the target audience to see our post, many other people can access that post. Imagine your confidential details are getting leaked, and you are unaware of that. Nothing is safe and secured neither on the internet nor in the real world. Since technology is moving faster, you need to be more careful about your privacy. The main reason behind the loss of our personal data is computerized technology.

When digital gadgets such as mobile phones, audio recorders, cameras, and so on are combined together, a massive amount of data can be collected, stored, and retrieved. But as a drawback, it can create a threat of violating the data among civilians.

Burglars don’t need to go door to door to steal money and documents. Advancing technology helps them to do so. If intruders get access to the person’s bank details, then just by staying in their home, intruders can get all the money in their own account.

How Does Technology Impact Your Personal Data, Security, And Privacy?

The debates about privacy mainly revolve around the development of information technology, the internet, mobile phones, surveillance, big data, social media, and search engine. These sorts of technology greatly impact your personal data, security, and privacy. Everything has good and bad sides. And same goes with technology. For instance, technology can increase your child’s social awareness, and the same technology can expose them to threats and harassment.

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Have you ever searched for your name in any search engine? What did you find out? You may think it’s astonishing and get excited by seeing your information on that. But did you take a deep thought about how these search engines got your data? The reason is that technology has unfolded society and lessened privacy. Everything you share on the internet, whether deleted now, is on someone’s database.

Privacy is not only for a single person. The big companies, offices, organizations, everything has privacy. Privacy means being free from surveillance and unwanted personal instructions.

Millions of people are connected digitally, which means people rely on smartphones heavily. In small-looking cards, such as credit cards, identity card holds highly personal and critical information. Many people respond to phishing emails and links without having a second thought. As a result, their sensitive data got leaked. The intruder can misuse the photos that you post on the internet.


Impacts Of Spyware Applications:

Not just the professionally trained hackers, but with the advancement of technology, a normal untrained person can also access the other’s personal information. Spying applications help them to do so. Spy applications have the features to monitor social media activity, track GPS location, monitor web browsing history, phone’s gallery, everything. Parents can use spyware to monitor their children to protect them from cyberbullying and harassment. Couples can use to spy on partners to check if their partner is loyal to them or not. Managers spy on employees to monitor whether they spent time on unproductive work.

Impacts of Social Media:

Social media is most widely used among all kinds of age groups person. Whether the person is an adult, young, or old aged, social media is everyone’s favourite. Social media platforms include TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. To create the account on these platforms, you first need to provide personal information, including your birth date, name, address, email address, gender, phone number, and images.

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The database of social media kept all of the information you provided to them. In addition to that, it also stores the information about the activities that you carried on social media. Such as the post that you liked and commented on, the people you follow, the video you have watched, etc. The social media database kept this information to show you relevant content. Social media platforms sell this information to third-party apps and companies, which in return display the ads.

Political organizations breach the information of people on social media to influence people’s opinions. In the political event in the United States which was held in 2015 and 2016, politicians Ted Cruz and Donald Trump paid Cambridge Analytica to use that data. Also, during the event that was held in 2016, the Brexit vote, and the Mexican general election in 2018, 2018 Institutional Revolutionary Party paid to use the information for data breaches.

Impact Of Data Surveillance Agencies:

Data surveillance agencies monitor computer or internet activity without their knowledge. The government, agencies, and organizations conduct such activity. The law of Australia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, etc., compels the ISP to record and maintain the user data. ISPs that track your data mostly reduce the speed, which is very annoying for torrent users.

If the copyright agencies are monitoring and they find you have downloaded torrent. They can use this information and make you punish. Sometimes the person has to pay fines, and they have to go behind the behind-the-bar in some cases.

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How To Protect Your Personal Data?

The survey shows that 5.1 billion records were breached last year. Your passwords, email account, bank details, every confidential data get exposed by the data breach. So, it is crucial to protect your data. And for that, you need to make sure you are not being taken advantage of.

Be careful while using the services from the technology. Make sure your privacy and security are not invaded.

Big websites like Google and Facebook provide numerous services free of cost. But they sell the information you provided to the advertisers, which is their primary source of revenue. However, Google and Facebook are not only the players in this field; many other websites follow this idea.

The main way to protect your data, security, and privacy is to have all information about the technology that you use. You can also use the VPN to access the geo-restricted content, anonymous browsing, and protect your data while you are in any online browser.


Personal Information has value, don’t give it away for free.

How much you are comfortable with the technology; you need to worry when the information tracking is increased. With or without informing the tracked person, gathering their data is a cause for alarm. Don’t let the technology take your data without your consent. Be careful and think about how technology impacts your personal data, security, and privacy.

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Keira Zelman is a tech and parent-focused writer at MobileSpy. She focuses her efforts on helping children reach their full potential academically, in social and linguistic terms and fosters and promotes the growth and development of parents and children. She aims to build a better and more positive environment for children through her writings.

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