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What Are The Benefits Of A Design Collaboration Tool?

Collaboration is downright essential to create a high-quality web or app design, whether it’s between the in-house team, different agencies,or with external specialists.

It takes multiple rounds of reviews, sketching, and testing to make sure that the design not only looks better, but also works better. This is even true when your project is a solo effort.

That’s why you need design collaboration software to streamline and manage all those important phases. These could be the tools where every team member can view and edit the design; and drop their feedback on the design. These can even be a communication platform you utilize to interact with the clients, team members and stakeholders.

Here we have rounded up the key benefits of using a design collaboration tool and how it can increase the productivity.

It Improves Communication:

Each involved person’s input does matter in a web design. You want to share your idea while clients may have their own. A design collaboration tool facilitates the barrage of ideas across the organization. Besides, it enables you to share the things with other team members or clients instantly.

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This way, the software lets people from different locations to share content in documents, videos and messages (chat). This is really efficient and fast compared to the emails that areoften piled up or forgettable.

It Ensures Instant Feedback And Approval:

Another benefit is that you can share the design with other team members and stakeholders to get instant feedback. This saves you a lot of time and hassles which in turn help you complete the project within deadlines. Otherwise, it leads to unnecessary delays in the project when you are not getting feedback from clients or distant team members.


It Helps Identity Right Talent For A Project:

Identifying the right expert to handle a particular job within the organization can be cumbersome, particularly when a business has more than 50 employees. By using collaboration software, you can invite your employees to list their skills and expertise in their profiles. It will help you find the person who can do a particular web or app design efficiently.

It Eases Task Management:

Task management is a crucial part of managing a complex project, especially when it is assigned to multiple employees at various stages. And it makes it even complicated when all are working from a remote location. A design collaboration tool is your answer.

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For example, you can assign a specific task to a team member with a deadline and track the progress later on. Besides, you both can exchange ideas or inputs. Similarly, you can divide the tasks among multiple team members and keep a tab on their progress. Some tools let you convert emails directly into tasks using the free plugin.

It Helps You To Keep Track Of Projects:

Collaboration software is equipped with a variety of project tracking features enabling you to see the progress of a project from the starting. From tracking the latest changes to see how the document was before the changes, to tagging a colleague for reviewing, the tool helps you monitor the project efficiently. Moreover, it also eliminates the need to use email to notify the users for making changes.

Last Note:

Design collaboration tools minimize the complexities associated with a web or mobile design. They help your team members, wherever they are, share their inputs and work in a quick and simple way. Design collaboration tools ensure instant feedback, efficient project monitoring and easy task management.

What do you think? What design collaboration tool are you using? Let us know by commenting below!

Athar MajeedAbout the Author:

Athar Majeed is a co-founder of SavahApp, a product that helps teams with all-in-one platform for prototyping, design collaboration and workflow. Athar has a background in design and developing SaaS-based products. He’s learning tennis, photography and prefers audio books.

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