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Could An App Put Off Cyberbullying? Innovative College Student, Says It Can

It’s hard-hitting to be a parent in the digital age. From Twitter to Snapchat to Instagram, there are a million and one ways for kids to connect exterior of school — and despondently, a million and one ways for them to become an objective of cyberbullying, too. But what do you do when your kid’s the one doing the bullying? Fortunately, there is an app for that. My Social Sitter is an anti-cyberbullying app that allows parents to not only sustain with what their kids are doing online, but also optimistically avert kids from bullying others.

Michele Joel, the inventor of the app elucidated to Tampa’s WFLA that the technology is competent to scrutinize more than 3,000 phrases in six diverse languages. My Social Sitter is free in the app store, and can be installed right on any Android or iPhone. Users do, nonetheless, have to pay a monthly payment for the service plan, which could set you back up to $34.99 a year (or $2.92 a month), depending on the plan you prefer. At the same time as it runs in the backdrop, users can go on with Posting on social media as they generally would, unless the app’s super savvy algorithm becomes aware of certain trigger words. If interrupted, the post can be rewritten; but in essence, it will keep getting bounced back and they will be given an alert.

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Protect Your Child From Cyberbullying:

So how do parents get involved? They get notified by text message each time their child creates a new social media account, if they use spiteful or detrimental language in their posts, or if anything they say alludes to thoughts of gloominess or suicide — something the app’s inventor felt pretty sturdily about. “I’ve been in technology marketing. And I’ve seen a gigantic need. And it hauled my heart,” Joel told Cleveland’s WTVM. “Kids are committing suicide and there are school shootings happening. So I saw a huge need to create something that could help the situation.”
And there’s another plus side, too. My Social Sitter doesn’t just educate kids about cyberbullying; it also rewards them for their nice behavior. According to the app’s official website, when posts are affirmative, the program gives the user tokens that can be spent on gift cards. Pretty well turned-out, huh?

The stats are lucid; Cyberbullying is a growing subject among youthful kids and teens, and if we don’t get involved now, it’s only going to get worse. That’s no embellishment either — just consider these eye-opening specifics about the inclination, according to the anti-bullying organization Do Something:

  1. More or less half of teens (43 percent) have been subjected to cyberbullying, with one in four confessing it has occurred on more than one occasion.
  2. A greater part (70 percent) of students have observed cyberbullying on social networking websites.
  3. Most youthful people (81 percent) think that cyberbullying is an easier to absent yourself with than face-to-face bullying.
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Whether or not My Social Sitter can, in actual fact, put off cyberbullying on a large scale till now remains to be seen.  In spite of everything, it’s still too new to see any outcomes. But at the very least, it’s a tread in the correct direction.

Brooke ChloeAbout the Author:

Brooke fill in as tech and digital parenting expert. She mostly covers latest tech news and reviews of monitoring apps for teens, kids. She currently blogs at spy software for cell phone like TheOneSpy.

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