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BuySellAds: A New Era In The World Of Advertisements

BuySellAds: A New Era In The World Of Advertisements

In the era of new media, there are many ways of advertisments like TV media, Internet media, Print media. they all are doing ther job perfectly but if we will try to ranked it down, we will surely get the Internet media at the top due to the tecnology births. So every one want to be famous and popular so in that case, he have to show himself and prove that he has existance, the companies are in the race to be topper but without explanation you can ever not pass the exam so how you will be famous?

In that case they have to publised himself in the eye of world for that they must have a third party that will take his advertisment process, Due to load on his own work they just select the popular advertisment companies that will leads them to the top. So for this purpose, there are many advertisment providing companies in the world in which you have often listen the name of Google Adscene That is on the top, but who is second, in my eye, that is BuySellAds, a project undertaken by Todd Garland.

TODD-GARLAND (Founder, BuySellAds)

Just Googling BuySellAds (BSA, to those already familiar) results in a million different reviews, all of which with a different opinion on whether the latest information about it. But i am here to just introduce you to the BuySellads services. BuySellAds, as the name indicates, is essentially a service for both advertisers and publishers, allowing the sale and purchase of advertising space through a well-rounded system that takes the hassle out of advertising.

BuySellAds separates itself from other networks for simplistic user interface. It’s clear that the aim of BSA is to simplify the process of buying and selling advertisements, and it certainly succeeds in this area.Everything about BuySellAds is just easy, from listing your website’s advertising space (publishers) to buying advertising space (advertisers). The whole process is as easy as breathing,  This network acts as an intermediary between website publishers and advertisers, offering opportunity for everyone to benefit financially. Advertisers can pay to have their ads placed on websites related to your products or services and website publishers can make money with ads on their sites.

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BuySellAds Information:

We have some general information about them as shared below.
Company Name: BuySellAds
Website URL:
Alexa Traffic Rank: 18k+
Google PR: 6
Twitter URL:
Facebook URL:
Blog URL:
Publishers: 4000+
Advertisers: 6500+

Publishers Guide:

If you want to make money from your blog by selling ad space, then BuySellAds is a great option. In simplest terms, BuySellAds is an online advertising network that brings online publishers (such as bloggers) and online advertisers together, making it easier for those advertisers to find Web sites and blogs best suited for their ads and budgets.

So, if you are willing to sell direct or private ad slots on your blog but not getting advertisers, then you must try BuySellAds because they will increase the probability of getting more advertisers since they have a huge MarketPlace along with a lots of advertisers. That means, BuySellAds will ultimately help you to sell your ad spots as quickly as possible and your blog’s revenue will be increased instantly.

Your Site/Blog must contain Unique, Original, Quality based Content which can target global audience they are trying to reach. They also want enough Website Traffic which can leads advertisers for better sales and sees some positive results with conversions. Better Website Layout and Design which provide desire Ad Size and Placements advertiser wants to buy and also Nice and Clean Website Structure which has potential to stand out Advertisers Ads.

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Some Official Requirments:
1.) Greater than 50K impressions per month. For new sites, if you (or your team) have a history of creating really successful websites we will accept you.
2.) Your website must be live, finished, and have fresh content.
3.) No porn, anything illegal, or containing even remotely *questionable* content.
4.) If you have a ton of untargeted ads on your site already, we’re not going to approve you.
5.) Getting denied does not mean that we will not approve you at a future date.

In addition, BuySellAds offers flexibility in terms of the type and amount of advertising space you can offer through your listing in the publisher directory. You can offer multiple ad sizes, locations, prices, and more so you can maximize your earning potential.

Some Info For Publishers:
1.) Earning type: Monthly fixed amount per Add.
2.) Revenue Share: 75% (you) : 25% (Buysellads)
3.) Payment methods: Paypal, Check, Wire transfer.
4.) Minimum payout: PayPal is $20, Bank Check $50, and Wire Transfer $500.
5.) Payment time: Every month if you have reached minimum payout in previous month.
6.) Referral program: No
7.) Earnings Secrets: Use the standard ad sizes 125×125, 300×250, 468×60, 160×600, 728×90. Set optimum price.
8.) Rates Type: Those with an 50,000 impressions earn around $100 per month, 250,000 impressions earn around $800 per month and 1,000,000 impressions earn around $5,000 per month.

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9.) Ad Format: Image Only, Image + Text, Text + Description, Sponsored Tweet & RSS Feed.

After your blog is submitted to BuySellAds, it appears in the publisher directory, which advertisers search in order to find the sites where they want to place ads. When an advertiser finds your listing BuySellAds automatically appends publicly available analytical data to it such as your blog’s Alexa Rank, Compete Score, Delicious bookmarks, Yahoo inbound links, RSS subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook Fans, Google Page Rank and monthly impression and unique visitors also. Then they read your description about your blog/site and see your existance over internet, then if you will able to attarct him, your add space will be baught by him and you will be paid according to your rate.

Advertiser Guide:

There is no Advertiser requirment, Just search the market place of BuySellAds, choose any blog/site according to your desire and place your order through a secure payment processor by BuySellAds and then be relax, you ad will be live on your target. Typically, ads are purchased in 30-day increments for a flat fee, which is set by Publisher. Now it’s up to your, Be-Popular or else…


BuySellAds is a legit website and not a scam. Buysellads is for small business websites and bloggers which is recommended for those people who don’t want to manage ads and payment of their website/blog. But for those site which have really huge traffic we recommend direct selling advertisements. and it is best for advertisers taht just want to be on a place and can controll ther media properly.

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