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“The reference to entity XX must end with the ‘;’ delimiter” XML ERROR

Some of you might be familiar with the ERROR “The reference to entity XX must end with the ‘;’ delimiter” while adding or altering any piece of code to your XML Templates. Even I get that ERROR sometimes when I try to alter or add some codes to my blogger blog’s templates(XML).

Mostly these kind of ERRORS occur while we add any third-party banner or widgets to our XML Templates. We can easily rectify that ERROR by making a slight alteration in the piece of code we add!

How To Remove This Blogger XML ERROR?

You just replace & with & in your HTML/JavaScript code whatever you are adding in Blogger template. Now look at an example below.

Original Error Code:

<!-- Begin Code -->
<script src="" type="text/javascript"/>
<!-- End Code -->

Altered Fixed Code:

<!-- Begin Code -->
<script src=";br=XXX&amp;dk=XXXXXXXXXXXX" type="text/javascript"/>
<!-- End Code -->

Last Words:

After reading and using our tutorial, you just know that how easy it is but one fact is common that at the time of need, people forget the easiest thing but still remember the hard one. Anyway thanks for reading our tutorial, Just leave your impression in our comment box and also ask your quires freely…

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  1. Yeah, if you using the code & into html editor, you must conversion become & 🙂

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