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Corporate Animation Whiteboard Videos And How They “Sell” More!

Corporate Animation Whiteboard Videos and How They “Sell” More!
Have you ever bothered to wonder what sets some companies adrift from the others, in terms of marketing? Herd mentality never works out in the long run, and companies which can think “out of the box” often gain an upper hand over those who don’t. So what different marketing techniques do the “top dogs” employ that sets demarcates them from the others?

Every now and then, mavericks of the marketing world stumble across something that spawns a “wildfire”! Thanks to internet marketing, marketers now have a new way of connecting with their target audience that drives more sales to their businesses. Introducing “whiteboard animation”- a concept so simplistic and novel, that it’s finding more takers than ever!

Ever since the advent of video blogs, companies have taken to character animation videos to narrate their stories. It has overridden the concept of long sales pitches, loaded with text. Marketers were quick to realize the profound impact of a corporate explainer video on a prospect. A video done beautifully is capable of succinctly narrating a business proposition, minus the hassles associated with “textual bombardment”.

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What Is So Special About Whiteboard Animation?

A whiteboard animation effectively captures and sustains the attention of the viewers. It is visually engaging and shows images and text being drawn on a whiteboard surface. There’s something extremely striking about a whiteboard animation video, be it the simplistic concept of a hand drawing on a plain surface, or the fact that a mere 2D narrative can cajole people into “buying”. These videos are extremely effective for businesses to deliver their message, encapsulated in a creative “box”.

Here are some benefits of adding whiteboard animation to your business profile!

1.) Offer Better Understanding Of Products/Services:

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth much more! For companies that are rolling out new products/solutions/services to the market, a whiteboard animation videos seems to be the perfect business pitch as it facilitates easier understanding.

2.) Speak Directly To The Audience:

Unlike a sales pitch that is designed with a “non-personal” motive, a whiteboard animation video speaks directly to the audience. Because, it speaks directly to the people you’re trying to sell, they often end up buying it! A personal interaction can catalyse a sale, is what they say!

3.) Inexpensive Marketing Tool:

Unlike a live action sequence which demands proper acting and direction, or a hot shot “Disney-esque” animated movie that operates on a huge budget, a whiteboard animation is rather inexpensive to create.

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Dharmendra Ahuja is the author of “Corporate Animation Whiteboard Videos and How They “Sell” More”, PitchWorx.  An animation Company in Delhi, providing custom presentation design and animation videos for digital marketing campaign and for your next big business presentation.

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