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How To Write “Facebook Impressum” In Facebook Pages?

Few days ago, we wrote about What Is “Facebook Impressum” In Facebook Pages And Whats Is Its Usage? and tried to clear you confusing about it since Facebook added Impressum in its Pages profiles. Now many are confused what to write here and what not to specially for newbies as pro have lawyers so they pay them for legal solution. Now if you have no lawyers and you need to write Impressum yourself then you can do it easily. For clear your though, first read our previous post then continue this.

Now if you are owner of a Blog or a Website or a Funny Page that have no website/blog and have your Facebook FanPage then you will experience Impressum field in your Facebook Pages. Here many guys left this and don’t filled it so this can cause some ranking and legal solution later that you cant know now. NOw its time to filled that field with appreciate content. So here we are showing some of DEMO content to be filled in Impressum field.

Some Other’s “Impressum” Text:

Now if you still didn’t got it then here we are linking some links of websites that have written there Impressum on there web so from there you can get the idea that what to write and how. Open every URL and see how they write it for there business. You have to write the same for your page.


DEMO “Impressum” Content For Your Facebook Page?

//  Company Info //
Gulistan-E-Jahur, Block-18,
+92 307 2041552

//  Owner Info //
Muhammad Hassan,
CEO, Founder Of EXEIDeas International

//  Legal Info //
This page is legally represent the site at and will answer your any legal question on this content share.

I.	Disclaimer:
The content of our pages was created with great care. We cannot take any responsibility for this web site being correct, complete and up to date. We likewise assume no liability for errors of an editorial or technical nature. Liability claims for material and non-material damage that may result from the use of incorrect or incomplete information or from the use of the information provided are strictly excluded unless we as tips providers are culpable of intent or gross negligence. On becoming aware of corresponding breaches of the law we shall remove this content immediately. We reserve the right to make changes at any time to parts or the whole of the content and offers on our website, to add to, remove or completely suspend them. The articles on this website are non-binding and subject to change.

II.	Copyright:
The content and works on these web pages are subject to World copyright law. The copyright to the text and picture material used lies with ***EXEIdeas*** if there are no acknowledgements of third-party contributions. Duplicating and using the texts, graphics and pictures used here outside the limits of copyright is not permitted without the prior written consent of the publisher. Other things registered to third parties and use of them depend on there Copyright. Downloading copies is only permitted for private, non-commercial use. The use of legally required published contact data by third parties for sending spam emails/contact materials is hereby expressly opposed.

We cant change it anytime and there are more to be aware. So ask us before steeping any step.


Just copy the above text and paste there while don’t forget to change your information like Company Name, Address, Phone, Email, Website, Your Name, Designation etc. Rest if you want to add more text then you can do it but don’t exceed to 2000 characters.

Last Words:

If you are running a big company or business then it is very important to add it and for more info please contact your Lawyer to get the perfect quote for your “Impressum”. This is it what you have to know as basics. Stay with us to get more like this.

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