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7 Ways To Use Facebook Live To Generate Quality Leads

Nowadays, many business owners use Facebook Live to convey their messages to their social media followers. It is a free platform that corporations, companies, and average individuals can take advantage of.

So, how does a person generate quality leads using this platform? Since users watch videos from their phones, it means that any business owner can convey his or her message to individuals even when they are on the move. Furthermore, users can share a video posted by a business owner to their relatives and friends. This helps in increasing the number of viewers.

Why Use This Platform?

  • In this platform, a video starts streaming automatically when a user scrolls to it on his or her newsfeed. This makes the platform an excellent place to generate leads for the people running businesses. When you are live, you can get live comments and reactions from the viewers, hence acquiring valuable feedback from the consumers or viewers on the spot.
  • A quality lead can be attracted by various actions generating from: a follow, share, like, or a comment from a user or viewer. A quality lead can be any user who has a great following. If you apply the right techniques when using this powerful platform, then you will not only uplift the brand but also skyrocket its viability to the target leads in different parts of the world.
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Ways To Use Facebook Live To Generate Quality Leads:

1.) Creating Promotional Deals:

This feature is also called Facebook advertising. It gives business owners the option to promote their goods and services by issuing some deals. For instance, if you have a particular number of followers, then you may decide to give discounts to potential customers who sign up to your mailing list. You can also come up with a program of awarding any user who shares your content most.

2.) Posting Links To The Offer Landing Pages:

Direct marketing strategy can work well if done in the right manner. Any person, who has an e-book or any other type of enticing offer for the audience, can post a link on his or her page that directs the viewers to the offer page. Remember, you should be clear when it comes to communication.

3.) Uploading Images With Links To Blogs And Landing Pages:

In most cases, images are used as hooks on various platforms. You can use images on your landing pages and blog posts. This directs the users to the actual landing pages and blog posts when the image is clicked on.

4.) Reposting Blogs That Generate The Highest Number Of Leads:

Reposting old blog posts that generated a good number of quality leads before is highly recommendable. If some people loved it, then there are high chances that some more people will like it too. Blog posts that have anchor texts CTAs are likely to do well. Proficient marketers add fuel to their lead generation engines using HubSpot’s Inbound guidelines to optimize their blogs before posting on this platform.

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5.) Providing Unique Opportunities:

Successful business people provide valuable information such as discount codes within their videos. However, make sure that this information is only available to the followers who can actually see the videos. This enables your consumers to timely and actively respond to the offers.

6.) Asking For Contact Information:

Another important technique to generate a quality lead is by putting a contact form next to a video that has been uploaded. Most of the followers who will be pleased by the video are likely to fill it. This is actually one of the best techniques of gathering contact information, an important asset when it comes to marketing a business.

7.) Use Of A Call To Action:

One can create a video asking his or her followers a question. This type of video clip is called a call to action. Business people use it to include their followers in their marketing strategy. One can use a video clip to initiate a discussion about his or her goods and services.

Best Post Ideas For Facebook Lead Generation:

1.) Asking The Right Questions:

In addition to uploading quality content, you can also ask questions that are relevant to your customers’ line of specialization. This helps you capture the attention of the viewers, hence lead generation. You should keep changing the questions to ensure that the followers do not become bored.

2.) Using Highly Branded Images:

It is always important to post articles, questions, and blogs with images. If you have graphic design skills, then you can try to include images of your brand on them. This helps the visitors get used to seeing the branded images and can recognize them easily. One can also use Canva to create good images.

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3.) Getting More Page Likes:

Nobody will want to do business with a brand who is not connected. This crystal clearly means that any business person who wishes to succeed should ensure that his or her profile has many likes. You can increase the number of likes by posting daily.

New Ways To Generate Facebook Leads Without Running Ads:

1.) Getting The Post Anatomy Right:

Successful marketers post a link to their recent blog posts to guide their followers to their websites and then landing pages. This is actually one of the best techniques for social media lead generation. To make this technique work, ensure that your posts on this platform are appealing.

2.) Making Lead Magnet Interactive:

Provide links back to your landing pages where your followers can sign up for newsletters, access their coupon code, or download an eBook. This is an effective way of generating quality leads through this platform. Hosting webinars is another good way of capturing high-quality leads.


Facebook Live is an important marketing opportunity that every business person should not miss. It does not matter whether one is teaching others how to make jewelry or selling books, videos, and other posts can come in handy when it comes to capturing the attention of the users.

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