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Going Responsive Is Like Recruiting Your Visitors

2 years ago it was the year of responsive web design when it was on the very top. Mashable has dedicated 2013 as being the Year of Responsive Web Design and Forbes has been talking widely about why one or other should go responsive as well. It’s been a long discussion all around the world for two years already and it seems that many still didn’t learn this lesson as there are still so many non-responsive websites on the web.

The thing that most of the people designing the websites face is ignorance. They are simply unfamiliar with the main specifics of responsive design, have a lack of seminars, training and other necessary learning material. So what can be more accessible place to learn from than blogs and professional articles?

If one has a little curiosity and patience to learn by himself it is a great tool to do that. This blog post is all about going responsive and how does such a website should look and what it should actually have.

More Pictures, Please:

The latest trend of all the websites that have responsive design is to actually place as many images as possible. As the visuals become the primary source of perception images will be even more readable than text. Let’s take Pinterest as an example. Why did it get so popular? What has made it so special? Visuals, nothing more. Why 9gag is such a usable website? The answer is the same – images and images again.

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Pleasant Content Flow:

Also if you will still decide to place some content instead of images based sections think of the layout of it. What is suggested doing is to make the activity of reading pleasant. Try to put only the really necessary words and avoid of writing clichés and other wide phrases. This will only make the site look unattractive and difficult to find the most important information.


Rough Typography:

What responsive design is also special about is rough typography. When you choose the font of your text make it as much original as nowadays there are so many options to choose from variety of fonts or to even create the one of yours. When I say rough I actually mean making it as big as possible. Big words, the same as large images will get the attention you want in will work in a totally positive direction.

Huge Blocks:

Try to divide your content into blocks. The bigger blocks you make, the more chances there are that they will be visited and noticed. As you see going responsive might be called as going big. Everything starts to be big – from font and images to even content sections.

Simple Layout:

Do not overdo the layout of your site. Many might think that responsive design requires a difficult and fancy layout but they are wrong. You should think ahead. If you will want to adapt it to various screen sizes you shouldn’t make it too complicated as after you might have some really huge difficulties.

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Easy Navigation:

Also, the website will not be really usable if it won’t be easy to navigate. Nothing can confuse the user more than complicated steps and difficult to find information. Make sure you think about every step that could be done in your website. Distinguish the main options and hide the sub-options under them so that visitor wouldn’t be delivered with a messy page.

Contrasting Color Palette:

Why you should care about the colors? Well mainly because it reveals who you are and how you understand the things all around you. There is a common mistake when designer choose not contrasting colors and they start bicker with each other. Nothing can annoy a customer’s eye more. The suggestion would be always to check on color wheel if the colors you have chosen are contrasting enough.

No Clicks – More Scrolling:

Also, the very latest trend is to make the sites scrollable as smartphones and tablet are becoming really usable devices. The thing is that you should place as much information in the main page so that your visitor could scroll down the site and find what is necessary to him.

Finally nothing will do the website better than your own understanding and knowledge. Put all the efforts so that you can learn every day and very new things. Seek the latest responsive design innovations so that you could be a complete professional of the market.

Judita MaslauskaiteAbout the Author:Judita Maslauskaite is a passionate blogger and communicator. She writes all things tech at Host1Plus, an international hosting service provider, based in UK, London.”

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