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Top 15 Best Windows Productivity Apps For Your Daily Use

In today’s competitive and busy society, getting things organized and well managed is the key to staying ahead and being successful. Although some people still use traditional task management, such as writing on post-its and sticking them on the wall, you don’t have to use that method anymore. There are surefire better ways to do that, especially for Windows users. Why not make use of Windows apps? And since the number of Windows apps is increasing rapidly, finding useful apps on Windows is a time-consuming process. Thus, I used AppFeds, a service to search and filter apps, to find best Windows productivity apps.

Note Taking Apps:

1.) OneNote by Microsoft Corporation–Free:

Microsoft’s OneNote app excels with a clean and beautiful user interface on all devices. Its functionality and ability to sync in the cloud almost instantaneously are excellent, making your note-taking process much easier and more efficient. Whether you are a professional or a student, this app helps improve your organizational skills by allowing note-taking functionality in the form of text, clips from the web, and photos. In addition, with its box-checking feature, you can keep track of your to-do list easily and stay organized. You can also share your notes with people around you on OneDrive or via email.

2.) Evernote Touch by Evernote–Free:

Evernote Touch is the king of note-taking tools. You can take notes in the form of text, images, audio, videos, and file attachments. You can open your notes across all your devices and the web, allowing you to find your memories anytime, anywhere.

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3.) Sitcky Notes 8 by Marco Rinaldi–Free:

If you want a simple app to take a quick note, Sticky Notes 8 is recommended. You can use this app to write quick notes as “post-its” and move them around on your screen. The app syncs well with OneDrive and gives you the option to share on other apps like Mail, Evernote, and more.

File Management Apps:

4.) Wunderlist by 6 Wunderkinder GmbH–Free:

Whether you are sharing a grocery list, working on a project, or planning a trip, Wunderlist makes it easy to share your lists and collaborate with people around you. Furthermore, you can attach photos, PDFs, and presentations, as well as set reminders so that you won’t forget important deadlines. The app instantly syncs memories across all your devices, allowing access to your documents or notes anywhere.

5.) Xodo Docs by Xodo Technologies Inc.–Free:

If you work with PDFs frequently, you will love this app, given that it is the ultimate cross-platform PDF viewer and annotator. You can use the app to view, create, annotate, and comment on PDF files. You can also sign and fill out forms, coupled with the functionality to share and print the documents.

6.) Dropbox by Dropbox Inc.–Free:

With Dropbox, you can upload, download, and browse files, photos, and videos. The app syncs instantly with the web, offering you 2 GB of free space with a basic account. You can share your documents with anyone, and if you refer your friends, you can earn up to 16 GB of free space.

7.) OneDrive Microsoft Corporation–Free:

Similar to Dropbox, OneDrive also gives you the ability to upload, download, and browse files, photos, and videos and share them with your friends and colleagues. The good news is that Microsoft just announced that, if you subscribe to Office 365, you will get unlimited storage with OneDrive.

8.) Chaos Control by Tarasov Mobile–$8.99:

Just like its name suggests, this app helps you avoid chaos in your busy schedule. Chaos Control is perfect to help you manage your tasks and handle priorities. With its ability to sync your tasks in the cloud and across all major mobile and desktop platforms, you can have access to your tasks anytime, anywhere. Another special feature is its cloud data backup, which helps eliminate any concern about losing your data if you accidentally delete it.

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9.) Grapholite Diagrams Pro by Aphalina–$39.99:

This app is best for sophisticated work. You can design professional flow charts, layouts, and other drawings. You can draw the charts and shapes with the touch of your finger, mouse, or pen. Mature tools such as Visio are also supported in the app for building complicated workflows or graphs for business. The results of your work can be printed, shared, or exported as different file types, such as PDF, PNG, VDX, and more. If you’re not sure if the app is right for you, you can try the unlimited free trial without the ability to print or save your work.

10.) Files&Folders Lite by Finebits OÜ–Free:

Just like its name suggests, the app manages your files and folders. You can extract archives, watch videos, view pictures, and listen to music. The app makes it easy for you to copy and move files around in the file system. It also supports OneDrive and Dropbox, enriching its functionality further. In addition, the app’s built-in viewer and player support many different file formats, in the form of text, picture, and video.

11.) Drawboard PDF by Drawboard– $9.99:

Drawboard PDF is ideal for reading and annotating your PDF documents. You can either upload or create a new PDF before annotating and saving it as a compatible PDF. Whether you are an engineer, a student, a teacher, a businessman, or a traveler, Drawboard PDF can help you finish your work on PDFs with ease.

12.) Box by Box, Inc.–Free:

Whether you’re on your desktop, your phone, or your tablet, Box makes your file management easy with its 10 GB of free storage and its other great features, such as searching, sharing your files with others, and more. You also have the option to save files from other apps to your Box account, as well as access your Box files from other apps.

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Time Management App:

13.) Pomodoro Focus by Wahlin Consulting–$1.99:

If you feel like you are not working efficiently enough and need to focus more, this app is for you. It uses a unique technique to increase your focus and track your interruption time and your productive time. The app uses what it calls “sprints,” defined as chunks of time to keep you productive, having you work for 25 minutes at a time before taking a break for 5 minutes. You can add timer clicks and/or voice prompts to keep you focused.

Communication Apps:

14.) Skitch Touch by Evernote–Free:

Skitch Touch is best for visual communications. You can annotate images with arrows, shapes, text, highlights, and more. You can also zoom and crop images. In addition, the app enables you to take snapshots with the built-in camera on your device. Another great feature is that it allows you to save to your Evernote account.

15.) Remote Desktop by Microsoft Corporation–Free:

This is a great app with rich interactivity to connect to a remote PC from almost anywhere. Even more incredible is its ability to connect with multiple desktops at the same time, enabling you to multitask and increase your work efficiency. You can navigate and control your applications easily using the touch keyboard, the touch pointer, rotation, and zoom.

Last Words:

So have you decided which apps are the best apps that fit your needs? Let us know in the comment section.

Sopheary ChivAbout the Author:Sopheary Chiv is a Marketing Specialist and a blogger at, a tech startup that specializes in app analytics on Windows app store.

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