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Social Media Strategies To Reach Target Customers

Social Media Strategies To Reach Target Customers

Why social networks are hot in the market today? Simply because almost 98% of world’s population is into it! Be it business of any size, small, big or medium, it is really hard to survive in today’s market without the help of social media sites. Well, all businesses know that social media sites are packed with tons of customers worldwide. But, how to target social customers for better returns? This is the sensational question that needs to be answered today!

To provide you clear insight over this, I’ve penned down this post and eventually at the end you’d realize how to strategize your social media campaigns to attract your target customers with ease.

I’d like to split the post into 2 parts:

  1. Where to find your target customers.
  2. How to attract them. 

Before getting started, I’d like to emphasize you with a few points to ensure the success of your social marketing strategies. I’ve listed below a few must-have attributes before running social media marketing campaigns.

  • Neatly crafted business website.
  • Decisive business model with clear objective.
  • Excellent navigations.
  • SEO-friendly attributes.
  • Great and engaging content.

If you’re done with all the above processes, then it’s time now to work on the social marketing campaigns.

Social Media Strategies To Reach Target Customers

Table of Contents

Let’s Discuss In Brief On Where To Find Your Target Customers:

Listed below are some of the social sites from where you can easily pick your potential customers.

  • Facebook — currently is packed with more than 1.7 billion active users worldwide
  • Twitter — 574,801,000 users worldwide
  • GooglePlus – 270+ Million active users globally
  • YouTube — More than 1 Billions users/month
  • StumbleUpon — 27 Million users all over the world
  • Pinterest — 30 Million users worldwide

It isn’t so hard to identify the target customers from these sites as majority of visitors are packed within them.

Let’s Now Discuss How To Entice Your Target Customers With Perfect Social Strategies:

A must-remember point to consider before setting up your social campaigns is don’t try the same strategy in different sites. Because every social media sites has different kinds of users with distinct types of expectations. Following the same idea on all sites may easily annoy the users.

Tips To Entice Facebook Customers:

Facebook is an excellent option to leverage your social customers and in fact you’ve got plenty of them to draw in to your business. Find the below steps to attract a huge volume of customers to your business.

  • Set up an optimized Facebook page.
  • Track audiences spending time on your page.
  • Post content consistently (text, videos, images, etc.).
  • Measure the success of posts.
  • Respond to customers.
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Social Media Strategies To Reach Target Customers

Tips To Impress Twitter Customers:

Twitter unlike Facebook is a different social platform with some typical users. Find below some of the ideas to attract customers for your business purpose.

  • Create “tweets” (140 character length) in a combination of links and text.
  • Offer new or different opinions or ideas.
  • Follow Tweets of competitors.
  • Respond to users promptly.
  • Offer thanks to both positive and negative feedbacks.
  • Avoid sales pitch when discussing about your products.

Tips To Impress Google+ Users:

Next to Twitter and Facebook, Google+ is the most reliable tool to carry out your marketing campaigns and impress customers. Find below how you can achieve this.

  • Create an About Page with relevant keywords and links.
  • Utilize the Events Features to present your business broadcasts.
  • Post content constantly targeted at customers.
  • Earn Google Authorship for SEO-based success.
  • Engage with customers by responding to their feedbacks.

Tips To Impress YouTube Users:

YouTube is evolving as a powerful social media platform today. It is proved to be one of the best platforms with rich customer base. Find below the ideas to integrate this social tool into your marketing strategy.

  • Create demonstrating and unique interactive videos.
  • Include keywords to videos and try to add a link back to your site.
  • Create never-before-seen graphics and humor to stand out of competitors.
  • Post client testimonial videos to pull in new customers.
  • Post videos on a regular basis to engage with customers constantly.
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Social Media Strategies To Reach Target Customers

Tips To Impress StumbleUpon Customers:

StumbleUpon is a fast-emerging social platform with a few million active users. But, it has the ability to bring in more traffic to your business website if carried out perfectly. Follow the below steps to make your business get attracted by Stumblers.

  • Focus on providing quality content.
  • Follow other Stumblers.
  • Bring up a unique and sensible content.
  • Create an outstanding and unique avatar.
  • Create friends to improve your customer base.

Tips To Impress Pinterest Customers:

If your business is all about videos or images, products or services, then this platform is the ideal choice for marketing them. Given below the best ways to garner the attention of Pinterest customers.

  • Develop creative visual boards with keywords.
  • Pin variety of things and don’t forget to re-pin others.
  • Stay focused and organized.
  • Post pins based on demographic time.
  • Create niche-specific pin boards.

Whatever I’ve presented here is some of the proven social media strategy tips which could eventually help you nail your target customers without any hassles and bustles.

I believe the above furnished information is useful to all social media lovers and if you’ve some other points to add to the list, please input via comments.

About the Author:
This article is contributed by Krish Kash, content expert providing technology solutions on Magento Pinterest Software. His other areas of interest include SEO, SMO.

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