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Best Online Proofing Softwares To Speed Up The Delivery Of Projects

Designs not only appeal to the human eye but also help to push businesses forward. So more and more businesses are flocking to designers for the creation of websites, logos and other kinds of designs. They create pleasing and customer-friendly designs as per the unique business needs and demands. They have to clearly understand what a specific business wants to convey to its potential customers and clients, its area of expertise, its target audience and other related and finer details. Only then they can create apt designs as per their unique needs.

For creating high-quality and business-centric designs, proper communication and collaboration have to be enabled between designers and businesses. Only then a business can clearly explain its needs to a designer and he can accordingly create a design. The created designs have to be shared and shown to a business, so it can provide its feedback on these. After viewing them, it can highlight any inconsistencies in them and what corrections are needed in them. Thus a designer can rework them as per the feedback. This process may be repeated multiple times till the perfection of designs.

Fast and accurate communication and collaboration are needed among people involved, so designs can be created within the limited time and budget. But this is not possible as in the majority of cases designers are still using emails, and hard copies for showing created designs to their clients to elicit their feedback. This consumes a lot of time, pushes costs and affects their efficiency.

Emails obstruct the smooth transfer of large files and impose limits on the file types that can be shared through them. Once a designer sends an email message to a client regarding a design, he will check it after a day or two and will respond after some time and this delays the review and approval process. Sending hard copies of designs through post also wastes time. Delay over review and feedback delays a design project and can result in its failure. Design projects have to be managed within the time, budget and resource constraints for their success.

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Due to the disadvantages of these methods, designers need to switch to modern and sophisticated tools for inviting design feedback and for communicating and collaborating with their clients.

Here are 5 best web-based proofing tools which will enable designers to create top-quality designs in the least time and cost as they can effortlessly and promptly share design and graphic files with their clients who can proof these fast and accurately.

1.) ProofHQ:

This online proofing application enables businesses to properly manage their designs. Designers can obtain fast and accurate designs’ reviews from clients and reviewers and these can be approved quite fast. Through commenting and markup tools, clear and accurate feedback can be obtained. Streamlines workflow significantly, so projects can be timely delivered with minimum effort and reduced costs. Designs can be reviewed from any device or any location through the web. Supports various file types PDF, JPEG and others. The progress of reviewers can be clearly and precisely tracked. Email notifications keep them updated on various project developments. Emails are minimally used. Designs are better organized through tags and folders.

2.) ProofHub:

This online proofing tool enables designers to seek accurate and fast reviews of designs from clients and reviewers. Quite easy to operate. A designer can effortlessly mark his comments over a design in his browser and share it with a client who receives it fast. The client views it and if notices any imperfections in it, can provide feedback in textual form through comments and notes or by drawing shapes in the design. Thus he can redraw the design as per the feedback. This redone design gets quickly approved by the client. Multiple reviewers can flexibly review the same design. Supports various file types like GIF, PDF and others. Timely email notifications are sent to people involved in design projects to update them on design developments. This tool being part of a project management system does not require two different tools one for project management and the other for design review. It enables fast and accurate review and proofing over various design types like wireframes, logos, website design and others. The need to redo designs gets drastically reduced saving designers’ effort, time and costs and improving their efficiency. The design projects get managed within the constraints of time, budget and resources and can be successfully and delivered timely.

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3.) Cageapp:

This proofing tool facilitates effective communication and collaboration between designers and team members over projects and creative work can be better shared, managed and approved faster. Through conversations and notes, contextual and centralized feedback can be directly provided over designs. The need to revise creative work gets significantly reduced. Creative people can showcase and share their work through web-based presentations. Projects, tasks and files can be better managed and organized. Revisions over an item are saved which can be viewed and reviewed later. Projects can be archived on completion and can be reactivated on need. The drag and drop feature enables easy uploading of images and videos. Work is rendered safe through privacy options.

4.) Conceptshare:

This enterprising tool enables proper creative operations management through which marketing and production teams can significantly improve their review and approval workflows. They can mark up and comment on creative work through its annotation tool and proof them quickly and easily. Email notifications update team members on project developments and activities. Version control facility ensures everyone in the team is working on the latest version and one can revert to the previous version if needed. Search and filters help to search items fast and timely. Proofs can be better organized through folders. Project activities can be duly recorded and audited making team members more accountable for their respective activities. Permissions to access specific project items can be controlled and regulated.

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5.) EasyProof:

EasyProofThrough this application, various kinds of visual content like photographs, screenshots, mockups and others can be effectively reviewed and feedback easily provided over these and these can be readily approved. Users can effortlessly create proofs and share them with their clients and team members. It fastens the entire review and proofing process. An unlimited amount of proofing can be done over creative content. It drastically reduces the time of delivery and costs involved. Removes any kind of miscommunication over designs. Businesses can manage all of their projects from a single centralized place. Communication and collaboration among team members can be done in real-time through comments and discussions. Decision-making is boosted. Workflow gets effectively streamlined. Businesses can brand their proofs through logo and company name options for a better and more engaging experience.

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    Online proofing is absolutely critical for creative and marketing teams who are looking for ways to get content to market faster and spend less time on administrative work, like managing feedback and version control over email. These are great tools for teams who need a better way to collect feedback. Here’s an article on the Top 10 Benefits of Online Proofing:

    If your team also needs was to collect project requests (aka creative briefs, work orders, job jackets, etc) and to manage those projects, then I would suggest looking at a full workflow automation solution like inMotionNow.

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