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Benefits of Using Animations To Market Your Business INFOGRAPHICS


Knowing Emerging Marketing Niches:

In the 21st century, marketing has proven itself to be a largely amorphous industry that’s prone to regular disruption, viral content, and tech cycles. The compelling union of digital and analog means the industry is always shifting and businesses are pushed to find innovative ways to share their story while converting customers. So, what’s trending now and how can businesses make their marketing dollars go further than ever before?

The Unexpected Marketing Value Of Animations:

One niche that’s had an unexpected boost in 2020 is animated videos. With restrictions on filming due to lockdowns combined with viewers preferring slick, pared-back marketing, animations are a real hero in the marketing space. While we know people are obsessed with watching online videos — the average person is projected to spend 100 minutes per day watching them by 2021 — animations offer an extra layer of value for their dynamism, simplicity, and accessibility.

For businesses looking to dip their toe in the video marketing arena, animated videos are also significantly more affordable than a classic video with actors and sets. Ideas can be developed with inclusivity at the forefront in order to connect with a viewer meaningfully all while distilling complex concepts and creating a positive user experience — even if it’s a sales video! Further to this, one of the most popular types of animated video, ‘the Explainer’, has been shown to boost the likelihood of a purchase by 73%!

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Invest In Animations Today:

Video experts One Productions has extensive experience showing their clients the ‘Benefits of Using Animations To Market Your Business’. Using their expert knowledge, they produced this infographic to help marketers and businesses of all sizes up their game with this type of video. Learn more about the range of different animations that can be used across all areas of a business and then get ready to start sharing them everywhere from meetings through to LinkedIn.

This Infographics is shared here after legal permission from One Productions

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