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How To Get Ranked On Google Maps? Top 10 Effective Tips.

How To Get Ranked On Google Maps? Top 10 Effective Tips.

There are no two ways about the fact that Google is the most subscribed to service for local search and its growth continues day by day. A recent survey revealed that at least 59% of consumers use Google to find local businesses and out of them 71% were highly satisfied with their experience. With that said, it becomes extremely necessary that your business is visible to customers through Google Local Maps. The question that arises is how do you ensure that?

Here are 10 effective tips to rank better on Google Maps:

1.) Claim Your Business On Google:

As a business owner, you need to have the authority to edit the information regarding your business. You can do this only if you have claimed your business listed on Google. For businesses already listed on Google, all that you need to do is a simple click to claim it. For those not listed on Google, you need to create an account on Google Places.

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2.) On Page Contact Details:

The first step after you claim your business is to get your website in order. First of all make sure that you have displayed contact details on every page of the website and that they are correct too. Also make sure that you wrote them correctly on all the pages. This sends out an impression that you value the information and further adds weight to your local visibility.

3.) Do Not Make Radical Changes To Your Name, Address Or Contact Numbers:

This act can be suicidal as far as your Google Maps rankings are concerned. Canonicalisation algorithms will not be able to match your data with those existing on the web and as a result Google Maps may mark your listing as compromised or manipulated.

4.) Make Sure You Have Chosen The Correct Category Tags:

When you add tags to your business profile to enable customers find you, make sure you keep the tags simple. You need to predict the terms that the customer might use to look for your business. For example for an astrology portal, “numerology” will work better than “accurate numerology”. Other predictable terms can be “gem stone analysis”, “weekly horoscope predictions” etc.

5.) Inbound Anchor Text:

It is very obvious that you would be indulging in manual link building too for your website’s SEO. It is recommended that you review your anchor text and ensure that all your keywords and locations form a part of it.

How To Get Ranked On Google Maps? Top 10 Effective Tips.

6.) Place Photos On Your Pages:

It is advised to have photos of your products, interiors as well as exteriors. A video works better than a photo. This is an important step towards getting recognition in the eyes of Google Maps for a better rank.

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7.) Put Relevant Keywords In Pages Description:

It is very important to let the customers know all that they need to know about your services or products. For example, instead of just writing “Tito’s” write “Tito’s Discotheque”. This way your customer gets better directed towards your search results.

8.) Remain Close To The City’s Business Center:

This is something you cannot do much about online. The fact remains that it is easier to be found on Google Maps if your establishment is in vicinity of the commercial hub of the city.

9.) Google Reviews:

Google follows a strategy of giving prominence to those businesses that have received reviews through Google+ Local. While you may think that this is something beyond your control, what you can do is encourage your visitors to leave reviews for you by offering them an incentive, say a discount on their next purchase.

These reviews work in more than one ways. Not only do they help you achieve a higher rank on Google Maps, they also act as a marketing tool.

10.) High Quality Citations:

One major criterion for a good Google Maps ranking is citations. Citations are useful in more than one ways. They not only build your local profile but also provide you with a backlink to your site, thereby boosting your SEO efforts. A verified citation lets Google trust your website more than others. When it comes to citations, quality always wins over quantity. 10 citations from trusted and relevant sources work better than 100 from irrelevant sources.

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With all this done, what remains left is monitoring your business growth and mid course correction in your strategy as per requirement. You will soon realize that good rank on Google Maps is worth an effort.

About the Author:
Jason Smith is an online marketing strategist for Havahart He likes to blog about recent updates and tricks to boost business through digital marketing.

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