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10 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade Your Mobile Phone?

10 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade Your Mobile Phone?

It is true that being on parked on the cutting edge of technology is more than difficult each day with tech gurus piling up technologies within seconds of your logging out of the internet. Cell phones have been on the rampage from the past few years with the companies taking over most of the market.

So, it is pretty evident that if you have a phone that flips open or has black and white graphic with ‘Snakes’ as your default game, you probably need a mobile upgrade or “Get a Life” as they say! If you are still not convinced, here are 10 reasons why you must upgrade your mobile phone;

Here Are The Top 10 Reasons:

You can only turn your phone ‘on’ and ‘off’ – Come on, even blackberry has a couple of apps more than that. We mean, these days, phones are created to waste half of your day, so if you can’t play games in the subway station or find the nearest Chinese restaurant that serves octopus, then you need to upgrade. These apps are great options for money savers.

You can’t Multi-task – In today’s generation, it’s all about multitasking. With texting someone while watching a movie to opening three-four tabs together, there is a feeling of contentment doing that. In this age of race, money and time has to be handled simultaneously, thus an upgraded mobile phone can aid in saving money as well.

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You need to spend more time repairing it than calling your buddies – Seriously, it’s time to get a new phone, because changing your incomprehensible L.C.D and writing the numbers on your keypad because it unreadable, you can just buy a new gadget with the money you spent on repair.

Your phone is a power source instead of a calling source – So the set up is like this: your mobile phone is connected to the Arduino board and then interfaced with your rotary board. After that it is hooked up to your computer to make a Skype call. Get over it, there is an app that does that.

10 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade Your Mobile Phone?

You have to make frequent journey outside – Wait, not to go to the wash room, but to remain in network coverage area. It was frequent sight when our grandparents used to walk outside with cellular phones as big as a coke bottle, but now, it’s mighty hilarious!

You can’t hold a conference – So you need to make plans with five of your friends for your upcoming hiking trip! You can either call them one at a time and hike up your bill or just call them all at once and save time and money. Choice is yours!

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You don’t carry your music with you – Now, that’s embarrassing! If you have to look out the window of your bus and listen to the hum and bustle of life instead of music, then that’s not worth it – get an upgraded phone for this very purpose.

Your phone has fevers – That’s just your phone heating up, and it’s not good even for a gadget. One symptom maybe that you are over using your phone and you just need a companion that can handle your situations more cleverly.

You still go to your nearest Café for Email and Facebook – What’s worse than not having a Facebook account is having a Facebook account and going places for managing it or staying in touch with your folks. Okay, so you have it in your computer, but can you see what your friend posted while traveling in a tube or along the sidewalk?

Crooks steal everything but your phone – Okay, this wasn’t relevant, but you know when that happens. If the phone is not good enough for the thieves it’s definitely not good enough for you too.

That’s It:

Summing up these 10 points above to convince you for a mobile phone upgrade was a fairly quick affair. Don’t you think it would be pretty amazing if you could upgrade to all the latest models while saving a great deal of money at the same time?Well. Your silent whispers just got heard. Littlewoods offers a wide range of Littlewood vouchers codes for mobile upgrade and vouchers are exactly what you would be looking for.

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The idea is pretty simple actually; these vouchers enable you to bag your upgrade affordably. Saving money is essential for almost everyone and it just makes sense to save some bucks especially since you would need to upgrade your mobile phones more often. Applying the right kind of discountcode while upgrading your phone is unarguably a smart move!

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