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Web Trends 2013 – Think Ahead Of The Curve

Web Trends 2013 - Think Ahead Of The Curve

“Changes are for better”. Following this phrase, Innovation in web trends just marked its way with new design methodologies in 2013. The trends observed are focused on creating user friendly and fluid designs that help in engaging more visitors and also to create a strong web presence. A website is not only important to gain visitors but also to promote your products, making your business a reputable and trusted brand. It has become necessary to learn the right procedures and strategies on how you can e-promote yourself to earn retaining clients. An informative insight to these trends is discussed below:


Web Trends 2013 - Think Ahead Of The Curve

Creating and Sharing Epic Content is on the top and an eye catch for many crucial observers. Even though it’s not a design methodology but through content you can brief your visitors, particularly new ones, about your services and products. Blogs are very helpful and the center of attention in this regard. By creating searchable and standard content multi-perspective holding audience can be easily targeted.


Web Trends 2013 - Think Ahead Of The Curve

Beauty lies in simplicity. Best user experience can only be delivered using simple layouts, not too much complicating navigation. User-friendliness is the sole purpose of a website. People are more likely to visit those websites that are easily accessible with rich interactive design. A website’s visual design is purely a reflection of efficiency of your website that could be improved by providing users a better interactive experience.

Responsive Designs:

Web Trends 2013 - Think Ahead Of The Curve

A recent evolutionary trend “Responsive Design” has emerged in 2013. It is a multi-platform technique that has unified desktop and mobile interfaces into a single visual design. It has become more widespread with the passage of time and many cross platform leading technologies are now working on to optimize the readability, responsiveness, accessibility of the web solutions making it adaptive to create more effective layouts.

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Touch-Enabled Web Interfaces:

Web Trends 2013 - Think Ahead Of The Curve

This is the latest burst out in web trends. Enabling the use of touch, Web can cater a larger volume of audience through powerful touch-centered Web interfaces. This non-exhaustive approach provides ease and a natural interaction on a single tap and eliminates the ineffectiveness of mouse hovers.

Social Media Badges:

Web Trends 2013 - Think Ahead Of The Curve

Social-media Badges are very helpful to direct a huge traffic towards your website. It has now become a part of your business brand making and is inseparable. By placing these badges on your site will raise the popularity of your products. Also, engagement of people having same interests is more easy and profitable that you might not get by any other means.

Brilliant Illustrations:

Web Trends 2013 - Think Ahead Of The Curve

Detailed illustrations have gained a lot of importance in Web Design and have taken creativeness to the next level. Use of effects and animations to give an artistic and pleasing look has increased the usage of scalable elements, decorative components and has high raised the user’s expectations as well.

In A Nutshell:

Web Trends 2013 - Think Ahead Of The Curve

These trends will help turn your business into a successful brand. Make your website more alive through solid navigation, non-flooding pages, dynamic graphical elements and perfectly fitted typography for both mobile or desktop according to recent Web standards.

About the Author:
Uroosa Rajani is a blogger by passion and content writer for Genetech Solutions, a web services company offering Web Development, Business and iPhone Application Development , Custom Web Design and other customized web solutions to their clients. Read more of her work on Genetech’s Blog.

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  1. Johny Kurniawan says:

    I totally agree. Every web designer must know about these trends or they will loose their potential clients

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