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Get SE Help To Evaluate Target Markets Before Starting New Business

Get SE Help To Evaluate Target Markets Before Starting New Business

This is an affiliate strategy but to you product owners reading this you can apply this as well. Most of you are promoting clickbank and CPA offers. All you have to do is find the top 3 selling clickbank products, or the top 3 highest epc CPA offers for you CPA marketers, and get the demographics for them. Sometimes the simplest path is the hardest to discover. First thing I do is I ask. I contact CB product owners or my affiliate manager at my network and I just straight up ask for demographics. You’ll be surprised how many will oblige your request.

You’re going to have to jump between the two as from some sites one will yield better demographics than the other. For example, just sticking with the how to get girls niche I found the top site on clickback and quantcast doesn’t show much but adplanner gives me golden data.

Now, we know we’re dealing with a 18-24 yr old, with some college(mostly likely still in college), that makes 25-50k a year. With this info an ideal prospect is starting to appear.Also provided were their interests.

This is invaluable info for paid advertising, building funnels, and converting customers that came to you in one market(that fit the demographics of another market) that follow you into another. That’ll be covered in more detail later. Google also provided other sites these visitors have visited.

We’ve got demographics to paint a nice picture of who we’re after. From here we need psychographics to complete the masterpiece. How do we get that?

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It’s the usual search forums and social media (Twitter and Facebook). But, my favorite way to do this by far is “interviews.” This will give you more customer insight than anything else!

For Example: We’re trying to sell a ‘how to get girls’ course to young guys that struggle with getting women.

Using quantcast, adplanner, amazon, forums, blogs, etc. is great. But, you’re still just an observer. You’re limited as to how deep you can get into your prospects mind.

However, when you speak to someone over the phone or in person about “them,” and their previous problems(and how to overcame them) you’ll dig down to the core of what makes them and people like them(your target audience) tick.

You don’t have to take it this far but I highly recommend it. Here’s another cool shortcut, do Google and YouTube searches for talk show episodes about your given topic. If you can find a oprah, anderson cooper, montell williams, heraldo, etc. episode focusing on problems that your target market has it also acts as great Intel. Granted I think most of those shows are staged but they’re highly emotionally compelling and are “proven” to capture people’s attention for an hour at a time while accommodating commercial breaks. Study the pain points they push and insert them into your message.

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Charles West is a professional content writer and blogger since last 2 years. I have writing expertise in technology and certification topics specially. I love to share that recently I passed my SY0-301 exam from SAS institute and 312-50V7 exam from VMware. Thanks for reading.

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