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Rejected By Google Adsense? Don’t Panic

Every newbie bloggers are only aware of Google adsense to monetize their blogs. After hard work of many months and after many tries, they get their adsense account approved. After that, Some of them makes a big mistake of clicking their own ads or exchanging clicks with other bloggers to get more money. By doing these, Google disapproves their Adsense account. Even I did that type of mistake while starting my journey in the world of blogging.

If you are one of them whose Google Adsense is disapproved recently then don’t worry. Google adsense is not only the way to Generate revenue from your blog. There are many other ways to make money from your blog. Note that earnings of Pro bloggers are not dependent on Google adsense only. Following are the other effective ways to make money from your blog.

1.) Start Affiliate Marketing:

In Affiliate marketing, You will get commission when any of your visitor purchases any product by the help of your Affiliate link. This is the most powerful way to generate revenue from your blog or Say that it has ability to boost your income.

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Many Pro bloggers are earning Thousands of Dollars by Affiliate marketing. You can also earn good amount of money from it if you have good number of Loyal visitors on your blog. You can start your Affiliate marketing now with a company related to your blog’s niche.

2.) Try Adsense Alternatives:

After Getting disapproved by Google adsense, You can try Google Adsense alternatives. There are many alternatives of Google to generate revenue. Main drawbacks of Google adsense alternatives is their low payments. Also they are Good because they will pay you at 50$ or less then that rather then waiting for 100$ on adsense.

Other popular Google adsense alternatives are, Infolinks, Qadabra and many others. They will not pay you as much as Google adsense will pay you and also their Advertisement will be also non-attractive. With some drawbacks also, You can make money if you have Good traffic.


3.) Sell Your Own Products:

Yes, You can also make handful of money by Selling your products also. Note that you will only get sales if you are providing some good Product to your visitors as no one likes to waste money on the Product which is not Good.

If you have Thousands of visits a day on your blog then you can sell your ebook to your visitors at low price so they can buy. Many Pro Bloggers use this type of techniques to earn money from their blog by selling their own products.

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4.) Sell Advertisement Directly:

Selling advertisements directly with advertisers is also a very popular way to generate revenue from your blog. Now a days, Many Pro and newbie bloggers has started selling direct advertisements on their blogs. You can also sell direct advertisements but for that, You must create an <i>Advertise</i> page on your blog so that interested advertisers can contact you directly from your blog’s advertise page.

Advantage of direct advertisement is you can set your own price for advertisements on your blog. One more advantage is you don’t have to give a penny to others while in Google adsense, Google will take its commision.

5.) Sell Paid Reviews:

This method is also trending now a days to make money from your blog. In this, you have to review any product related to your niche and you will be paid for that. Its not like you wrote one review and published that on your blog and you got money from company.

You only have to write review if and only if you will get order from company. Its almost like a selling advertisement directly to customers. But in this, Instead of showing banner to visitors, you have to publish one review.


Many bloggers think that Disapproved Google adsense account is the end of their Career in the world of blogging but its not. There are other ways by the help of which you can generate revenue from your blog. I have just posted 3 from them but there are many others also so don’t panic if your Google adsense account is disapproved.

Adarsh SojitraAbout the Author:

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Adarsh Sojitra is fast growing blogger. He is currently working on his blog which is growning blog on tech and blogging niche.

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2 Responses to “Rejected By Google Adsense? Don’t Panic”

  1. Guld Design says:

    As OP has mentioned Google Adsense is only one of many alternatives for online advertising on your blog. To mention a few of the most profitable solutions here goes:

    Amazon Affiliate Marketing == great for affiliate marketing products. Allows you to add multiple products that relate to your posts and maybe even gain a few sales.

    Bidvertiser == Google Adsense alternative where you get an Ad block you can insert specific places on your blog.

    Commission Junkie == Allows you to promote products / services and earn a profit for each sale/registration.

    An alternative could be selling your own ad spaces. Now a days there are multiple online payment processors, such as paypal, payza and with new online currency like bitcoins and litecoins you could easily set a price set up ad spot and take payments manually for a specific time period.

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