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Need Help To Resolve Problem For Reporting Issue In Yahoo

Yahoo! Mail is one of the most popular web based mail service offered by Yahoo Inc. It’s one of the fastest mail services to its users. Many people’s use this mail service for commercial and personal use. With the help of Yahoo! Mail you can easily share photos send mail, attachments, animated Gif and much more. It is beautiful and easy to use. We can easily send high resolution photos through Yahoo! Mail. Day by day yahoo is upgrading its features. Yahoo is safe to use as it used SSL encryption which travels from your web browser through yahoo server. It helps yahoo to become more secure. But there are many security issues are faced by yahoo as they are improving in this field.

How Can You Secure Your Privacy?

Set Strong Passwords And Secure It:

Your password is a key to your online account. If anyone knows your password can access your account and can misuse of your account, personal information or important data. So, choose a password that would difficult to guess for anyone. Don’t share with anyone. If you think someone knows your account and password and using your yahoo accounts then use yahoo sign-in helper immediately to recover hacked yahoo password.

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Stop Spam Or Unwanted Email In Yahoo:

If you are receiving unwanted spam mail is very irritating, however, Yahoo works hard to keep ahead of the spammers. Yahoo automatically filters suspected spam messages, but if you’re still getting affected with emails, just mark them as spam or unsubscribe it from mailing lists.

Steps to Mark emails as “spam”:

  1. Choose the spam email.
  2. Press Spam.
  3. You need to press the down arrow next to Spamto provide information about the email:
  4. You need to select one of these options
    • Report Spam-.
    • Report a Hacked Account
    • Report a Phishing Scam
    • Not My Mail.

Phishing Scams:

To scam you into disclosing your username and password, hackers send fake emails or set up fake websites that copy Yahoo’s sign-in pages. This practice is referred to “phishing”. Just report it to yahoo if anyone sends you spam mails. For more information, you can contact yahoo support team vie email as there is no official Yahoo Tech Support Phone Number.
If you believe that you may be a victim of illegal conduct or your personal safety is at risk then you can contact the appropriate state law enforcement directly. Ensure that your Yahoo account is updated with your latest contact information. If you are ever the butt of a phishing scam for your Yahoo account password, you must need to confirm your account data to regain access.

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Andrew BrownAbout the Author:

Andrew Brown is a passionate author who has knowledge about yahoo features and its implementation. He has considered this Email networking platform a best one among other websites networking platform and always suggests contacting Yahoo phone support experts to resolve any kind of problems without any delay.

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