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I Repeat: A Logo Is A Business Solution, Not A Piece Of Art.

I Repeat: A Logo Is A Business Solution, Not a Piece of Art.

That’s a bold statement, isn’t it? Well, it may be bold but it is not unfounded. In my many years in the graphics designing industry, especially in the logo design niche, I have come across this problem more times than I can recall. Clients approach me for consultation and I get to hear statements like “Hey, I just want it to be something unique”, “Can they make me something gorgeous in bright colors?”, or “I hope my designer can make something really attractive for me.” Needless to say, I have to go through a long discussion explaining two things to such clients, one of which would eventually happen to them.

They Would End Up Being Dissatisfied.

That’s one possibility. Their designer will draw them a hundred concepts that are “beautiful”, “gorgeous”, “appealing”, and what not, and the client won’t be satisfied. Why, you ask? Well, simply because there was no concept behind the design. In terms of beauty or attraction, many logos may appeal to the client, confusing them, which leads to repeated requests to the designer to “just add this one more thing” in there.
And if this client succeeds in driving the designer crazy with repeated requests at this first stage — which happens more often than people will confess — the designer will fire them.

They Would End Up Choosing a “What’s-That-Supposed-To-Mean” Logo.

That’s the other possibility. Even if you end up being overwhelmed with joy at an artistic logo design out of the random concepts your designer drew, what good is it if there is no clear business concept behind it? Nothing. Such a logo might in fact end up making your customers say “What’s that supposed to mean” after a glance. Would you want your possible prospects to look at your logo somewhere and don’t even bother to think what your product would be simply because they didn’t get the logo at all? Of course not!

Why Your Logo is Not Art But a Solution.

I then explain to these clients they can only save themselves from either of these dilemmas by changing their perspective fundamentally. You need to begin from understanding what your logo is not.

  • It is not a mysterious looking symbol without a clear purpose and message.
  • It is not an abstract image that leaves people thinking what it might mean.
  • It is not something you can “leave to the imagination” (Yes, I’ve heard that one, too).
A Logo Is A Business Solution.

Trust me when I say you don’t want people to take a pass on what your logo should mean. If they do not understand what it stands for, they cannot possibly recognize the nature of your brand. Abstract or artistic features in your logo can thoroughly destroy the very idea you need your logo for.

The Problem Your Logo Solves.

Then I start discussing the solution with such clients. That doesn’t really take long, because once they get the basic idea I’m trying to explain, the matter appeals to their common sense and rationality.

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Let me explain it in the simplest words I can. When you start a business, there are a whole lot of other similar businesses that compete with you to attract the same customers. So now you need something to make your business stand out among your competition. This is a serious problem; one you can solve easily enough by creating a memorable symbol for your business. This picture/image is your logo, and it works as the face of your business in the market.

Only an image that can be memorized easily and sends the message of what your business is about clearly will do the job for you. If the image — your logo — lacks either of these features, it will cause your business a lot of damage, in terms of marketing (attracting more customers). The smartest way to be creative with your logo design is choosing a designer who is all about understanding your marketing problems, scope and strategies clearly, and using this knowledge to provide you a simple yet sophisticated image for your brand.

This is how I persuade people to understand why they should approach their logo design as an exercise of balancing science and art. Be creative, but remember the two elements your logo must have. Remember design balances the two. Remember design is where science and art break even.

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It works most of the times. Good luck to you for your branding campaign!

About the Author:
Fahad Raza is a web enthusiast and ingenious content strategist, who loves all things design and technology. He is the editor-in-chief here at , a custom logo design service provider. Do keep in touch with him at.

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One Response to “I Repeat: A Logo Is A Business Solution, Not A Piece Of Art.”

  1. Elaine Ossipov says:

    Actually, a logo is Not A Solution, A Solution implies you had problem and needed a solution. A Logo Is Your Business Identity. This is no more a Problem than the coat of arms are forefathers carried. Even though names might have been different, clans and aliances were made on these “logos” “logo” bearers would in fact go into battle so the men fighting would know where they needed to be. A Logo Identify’s pictorially the company, and should be respresentative of it. You can find a solution to a business owners lack of pictorial representation which is/could be defined as a solution. But a Logo itself is in no way shape or form a solution. Sorry. Don’t mean to be mean or argumentative, but a logo is what it is, you cannot redefine it, to suite your chosen field. It just doesn’t work that way, and I certainly hope you don’t view it that way for your clients. You would be doing them a terrible disservice. And for the record, Starbucks, at&t, Adidas, all are merely pictures without the common word registered trademarks of their respective owners. and many more…. You cannot mix “branding” a Corporate Identity and “logo” design, not with out haveing specific criteria to go on.

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