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Secure/Protect Your Blog/Website From 2nd Degree Copier

Secure/Protect Your Blog/Website From 2nd Degree Copier

What’s The Problem?
This is the 3rd article about “Secure/Protect Your Blog/Website From Content Copier“. so we are here to protect your blog and website content from 3rd degree content copier that are niche that even don’t know what they are copying, they just copy your article and paste it as it is to there blog post but know how to remove the format and author URL or backlinks or Name and make it same according to there site/blog post template. So it’s time to stop them and be-secured.

What To Do?
From this when they try to copy your article, They first highlight it then right click to copy to there clipboard, they cannot open right click context menu so they cannot copy your article and when they cannot copy your article they can not theft it and published it on there blog. So it’s time to learn some code from which you can stop right click function on your blog/site only. There are two option to show them, 1.) disable the right click without showing them any message (Warning Message) but from this they will think that there mouse right click button is expires and they will shop the new mouse, 🙂 So there is the other solution that you will shoe them a custom message when they right click like “Right click is not allowed here” or any text that you want to show.

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How To Do This?
Here is the both code all this with happen with just a JavaScript code that are so easy to embed into your blog and site because you did not have to add this code in all of your post, you have to add this only in your template and this will be automatically applied on all blog post. this code is quick to load and easy to integrate. So without any more information we will took you to the awesome code and tutorial to follow.

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8 Responses to “Secure/Protect Your Blog/Website From 2nd Degree Copier”

  1. Sint says:

    This method is useless if you are website is a tutorial website where it is necessary for your readers to copy and exchange data from the site.

  2. fullonline says:

    if some one want to copy he can copy by hook or by crook . he can simply watch page source code

  3. News Watcher Stream Online says:

    Wow dude this is so helpful keep it up..

  4. cybermales says:

    My blog not protected to everybody easy share my article.

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