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Webinar Hosting – Crazy Conversions For The Asking

There are many Why’s on webinars like Why are webinar invitations taking over your email box? Why does everyone and his dog want me to watch their slides and listen to their spiel? Should you be using webinars, too?

How Effective Webinars Are?

Would converting nearly 1 in 7 viewers into buyers interest you? This is the reason you see so many webinar invitations. They work.
How Effective Webinars Are

If you haven’t tried webinars, you should give them a shot. They are so effective for me that I am able to generate $30 to $100 from each attendee depending on the offer. That means every time I have a webinar with 1,000 attendees, I am generating $30,000 to $100,000 in income by selling them services or products that they can use. Neil Patel

Why Do Webinars Convert So Well?

You only sign up for a webinar if you feel the time is going to be well-spent. It comes after a long “getting to know each other” spell of emails. Attendees already feel some rapport with the presenter, so are more open to buying his products than strangers would be.

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When participants see the webinar presenter live it helps them feel they know him, helps them come to like and trust him. People only buy if the feel they know, like and trust you.

The attendees are self-selected as being the most interested in the product. Only 42% of registrants actually attend. Almost 6 out of 10 people who register fail to attend the live webinar though almost half of those watch a recording. In total 67% (two thirds) watch the webinar in one form or another. The one third of registrants who were not convinced the experience was going to be helpful did not watch it.

Most webinars are an hour long. That is a big time commitment. You cannot multi-task in a live webinar (I’ve tried), so that is one hour of your precious time. You have to be convinced that your problem is going to be solved to spend that long doing anything.

Some webinar participants will think that after spending 60 minutes watching a very convincing presentation that they have to follow through to the next step or their 60 minutes was wasted.


Where Do You Start?

Webinars are the final stage in your conversion strategy. You start by building your email list. A list on its own is worthless. The people on your list need to look forward to your emails. You need to build relationships so that your subscribers want to hear more from you.

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If your list is non-existent then you need to find a partner who is willing to share your content with his list. Your content must be superb and it will still cost you dearly. Think 50% income share or more.

Choose A Webinar Platform:

There are free and paid ways to host a webinar. Free platforms are free because they use ads. You do NOT want the people attending your webinar to be distracted by ads. If they follow an ad link they are unlikely to ever return and you have lost the possibility of a sale. Free webinar applications also do not allow you to record, meaning that you lose all the people who are in the wrong time-zone or who have something else planned.

A paid webinar provider has a wider range of features that really transform the entire webinar experience. As an example, it’s possible to record your webinar from scratch and store it online for access, and a plethora or other features. There are two other major advantages to using this service; you can use it without committing to a year’s service and there is a 30 day free trial.

Putting Everything Together:

You must have products to sell before you even start thinking about a webinar. You need at least one high-end product to make the cost and effort worthwhile.

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Webinars convert but there are other marketing steps that you need to put in place before setting one up. The best way is to build a relationship with the people on your email list and then to market your webinar to them.

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