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7 Best SEO Practices To Improve Your Rankings

Every business is keen to rank at the top of the Google search engine and wants to improve its SEO ranking. The hard truth is SEO (search engine optimization) is not a sprint, but it is a kind of marathon that requires continuous improvement. With new updates and needs, SEO helps to make your site easy to find, and content with updated keywords is one of the biggest factors on your site.

Before thinking about improving your ranking, you should know about what SEO is and how it can be used to improve your website ranking. In this article, you will learn why SEO is important for your business and how you can improve rankings on Google search engines.

For instance, having a beautifully rendered website with great content and information, but you have few followers and people are not able to reach you or find you. To be more visible, SEO practices are important for every website. Today, where everything is going online whether it’s a business or marketplace, every individual has their brand name and to establish this online business SEO is a handy helper to everyone.

Even with the rise of social media, organic search is still a crucial website traffic driver. And to get organic traffic on your site it is important to improve your search engine ranking so that people can find you more easily than your competitors. That’s all search engine optimization SEO is all about. You have to play smart and responsively or else you get nothing. Many business owners who do not understand SEO, find it quite messy and complicated to know it. But once you understand SEO, it is a booster for your website for sure.

SEO Is Important:

It is a process by which you get traffic from free, organic search editorial, or natural search results. The biggest aim of SEO is to improve your website’s position on search engines. You can consider SEO to increase the visibility of your website on the search engine result pages for specific keywords and it is also often a vital channel in digital marketing.

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SEO comes with multiple strategies, actions, and best practices to improve your website’s position in search engines. If we talk in detail then, there are two types of SEO; on-page and off-page. In on-page SEO, site speed, keyword presence, and header text are considered to improve the ranking. On the other hand, in Off-page SEO, and social media, influencer, refers to links to get more visitors or to bring more traffic to your website.

Want to be No.1 on search engine ranking, but it took a lot of hard work and patience to reach your goal? Because it takes time to gather proper information about SEO and successfully implement it. Also, it involves so many ranking factors and competitors.

What Are The SEO Practices To Improve Your Rankings?

Set Titles And Tags:

The title on every page of your website is important. These title tags tell search engines and users about the page. The title should be around 60 characters long and should be eye-catching and crispy to read. Also, tags have become less important as search engines have developed more effective ways to decipher what page you’re looking for. But no doubt, optimizing your title tags can still be a great way to improve SEO without rewriting your content.

Proper Use Of Keywords:

In the SEO world, it is important to find proper keywords for your content. SEO is a digital platform that only understands the keywords and according to that, it shows the search result. There are many competitors in the online market and keyword research determines the target audience and website before developing your sitemap for content purposes.

Including keywords on the pages is pretty much required to rank on SEO. you can use Google AdWords to find the trending keywords and use them in very appropriate ways in your content. In this tool, Google will provide you with a list of keywords and search volumes that are relevant to your web pages.

Design Mobile-Friendly Sites:

Before launching your website, make sure your website design should be mobile-friendly. Because more users are now using mobile devices to search. Also, it is important to optimize the image, codes, and content to load each page quickly. Mobile-friendly websites are often called responsive websites. If your site isn’t responsive, it may be time for an upgrade. In case your website is niche-specific and requires advanced functionality, you can take advantage of professional services, such as real estate website development, to get a mobile-friendly website that is easy to use for your visitors.

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Leverage Social Media Pages:

Social media has become an important part of digital marketing, and it can also play a role in improving your SEO. If you can’t implement traditional SEO tactics through optimizing and creating content, social media can help you improve SEO without rewriting content.

You can improve your SEO with social media by sharing content from your websites, like blog posts or promotions, and building a following of users to consume and share your content. Utilize social media platforms that make the most sense for your audiences, such as LinkedIn for B2B businesses or Instagram for consumer products. On these profiles, be sure to include a link to your website. Take time to build your following and post regularly, and you may be surprised at how cost-effectively you can reach your audience.


Optimize Page Load Speed:

As Google has updated its algorithm, page load speed has become even more of a factor. Google wants to provide searchers with the best experience possible when they land on a page from a search.

A page that loads quickly provides a better experience. Many factors play into your pages’ load speed, like the number and size of your images, the platform your site runs on, plugins and third-party tools you are using, and caching settings.

Informative And Original Content On Site:

Digital marketing companies utilize blogs as part of their SEO strategy. Many of the companies repost the content from other websites, which is wrong and also affects your SEO ranking on Google. Because Google can easily find duplicate pages and contents. Duplicate content lowers the quality of the webpage. It is important for the website that people visit and stay a little bit longer to read the content.

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Write content that is helpful and also includes keywords and synonyms that get your website found by Google and other search engines. Include the keywords throughout the page to improve your search engine ranking, but don’t go overboard with keyword stuffing. Make sure it’s still readable for your visitors. Because search engines like new unique content.

Optimize Page View Rates:

Finding the right keywords and context will improve your SEO ranking. This includes engagement metrics to measure how useful, interesting, and impactful your content is on the website.

The important engagement metrics are:

  • Time on the page that tells how much time the users spend on the site, indicates whether the page is useful to the visitors or not.
  • Bounce rate helps to know when the user visits one of your pages and then clicks on another page or whether they stay on your site or bounce to another page. The low bounce rate indicates that it is good that readers or visitors stay on the page means you have a good website and page quality.
  • Creating quality content for your website is one of the improved engagement metrics.

SEO Is Important For Your Business:

Every organization considers SEO important because it keeps the search results fair. Also, it can reduce the ability to manipulate the result as much as possible. Brands need SEO, as it is the most important and cost-effective tool to improve your SEO ranking. Even many brands and businesses need SEO today for their digital online marketing or properties.

Organic search is important to get a primary source of website traffic. As it is a massive part of most businesses’ website performance and the main component of the buyer funnel ultimately getting users to complete a conversion or engagement. Being an online marketer, you know that Google owns a significant amount of the search market than its competitors like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and many more.

Atul ChaudharyAbout the Author:

Atul Chaudhary is the founder of 1Solutions, a full-service Web Services Company based in New Delhi. He is a keen follower of the latest trends in the digital world and writes on myriads of topics including SEO Services, Social Media Marketing, and Web Development.

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