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What Features Make JavaScript The Best Programming Language?

The internet is a universe of over 1.13 billion websites. Out of this, around 98% of websites are built with JavaScript programming language. According to Statista report 2022, 65% of developers choose JavaScript as their preferred language for web and mobile app development.

On GitHub, JavaScript has the maximum volume of codes written in repositories across all users. So, JavaScript certainly has a major dominance over the programming sector.

However, there are many other programming languages, but JavaScript stands out from other languages.

But what features ultimately make JavaScript the best programming language? In this article, we will decode it.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is an open-source and high-level scripting or client-side programming language. It is an object-oriented script language that is used in web and mobile app development for creating web pages and mobile applications. It is also used with CSS and HTML for website development. JavaScript gives developers extra control over the browser in the development of new functions in scripts.

Besides this, it allows developers to make interactive interfaces for maps, scrolling video jukeboxes, animated 2D/3D graphics, and more. JavaScript was developed in 1995 by Brendan Eich and was initially known as Live Script. However, at that time, Java was a popular language. So, it evolved as a rival to Java. But after some time, it became a fully independent language.

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Key Features That Make Javascript The Best Programming Language:

JavaScript is one of the top programming languages in web development. It has a wide range of features that help developers in creating web pages and applications with ease. It is also among the widely-used open-source technologies in the software and web development community.

So, to analyze what makes JavaScript the most useful programming language, we need to explore its features which are as follows:

General Language Features:

Scripting Language:

JavaScript is a lightweight programming language. It is used for client-side or front-end development on the browser. It has a set of libraries and offers dedicated support for web development.

Open Source:

JavaScript is an open-source programming language. It offers public access to utilize its features for creating a variety of web pages and applications for web and mobile platforms. Especially in cross-platform app development, JavaScript is among the most commonly-used languages. For instance, React Native, Ionic, and NodeJS are famous open-source frameworks.

These frameworks use JavaScript as their programming language due to its versatility and developer-friendly user interface. Therefore, the best cross-platform app development services include JavaScript in their development tools.

Event Handling:

An event could be an action or any occurrence in a system or application which communicates the said occurrence. The event handling allows to handle and validate users as well as browser actions.

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So, the event handling process has a great impact on the functioning and performance of web pages or applications. Here, JavaScript has a good event-handling process that doesn’t require much effort and time. It works smoothly when the developer uses it with HTML.


Language User Features:

Client-Side Validation:

JavaScript has good functions for making communication between users and web applications. It provides good client-side validation support. JavaScript’s client-side validation system enables users to fill forms accurately with the correct data. Moreover, it also prevents spam submission and makes this entire process protected from external threats.

Cross-Platform Support:

JavaScript is a platform-independent programming language. Developers can use it on any computer regardless of its operating system. It allows developers to write a script once and deploy it on any OS platform or browser without altering the output of the script.

It supports various browsers like Chrome Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc. Hence, due to its cross-platform development support, JavaScript becomes a time and cost-efficient programming tool for developers and companies.

Prototype-Based Language:

One of the top advantages of JavaScript is that it is a prototype-based programming language. Prototype inheritance is a state of object-oriented code reuse. In this prototype inheritance, objects directly inherit other objects. As a result, it increased the speed. Whereas, other object-oriented programming languages use classical inheritance which consumes much time.

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JavaScript is the only object-oriented language that uses Prototype inheritance. Hence, it becomes highly efficient for programming in both web and mobile application development. Because of this ability of JavaScript, companies hire React Native app developers and other framework developers since it helps in enhancing the development of apps.


JavaScript provides extensive support for multiple development purposes. Developers can use it for creating websites, web applications, and mobile applications for all operating systems and web browsers.

Programmers can use JavaScript in source scripts written in different programming languages. Developers can implement JavaScript in the creation of video games, HTML web pages, websites, mobile apps, or databases. Thus, the use cases of this language are more extensive than other languages.


JavaScript is among the oldest and most widely used programming languages in the industry. It has been successfully running for over 2 decades and continues to increase its user base. This is because of the benefits and features that it offers.

And since it is an open-source technology, it also helps businesses in developing cost-efficient solutions. Therefore, JavaScript stands out as the best programming language as compared to other languages.

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