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7 Things To Consider When You Hire ReactJS Developers

There are a lot of things that you must keep in mind when you hire ReactJS developers. You need to consider the relevant technical and non-technical skills, their understanding of the React framework, working style and culture, and many more.

With technological advancement and efficient networking systems, numerous options are now available. This allows you to hire a developer of your choice per your requirement, budget, and preferred region from a ReactJS development company or an online hiring platform

But you may ask, why should one look for ReactJS development services in the first place?

And for that, you need to understand what ReactJS does, it is a JavaScript front-end library used for developing web applications, designing user interfaces, and fixing website issues. It is a choice of many tech giants like Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and many more.

It is an easy-to-maintain framework that creates user-friendly interfaces and offers high flexibility. ReactJS is SEO-friendly and has a rich toolset like Redux or Flux, etc. as its backend. It has the potential to create highly-functional web applications which makes it one of the top choices among developers.

From technical proficiency to non-technical skills, these are the seven things you must keep in mind while hiring a ReactJS expert for your project.

In-Depth Understanding Of Necessary Technical Skills:

An experienced ReactJS developer must have a comprehensive understanding of core concepts of HTML/CSS and must be proficient in JavaScript. They should also know how to optimize React using Style testing tools.

Familiarity With ECMA Script And JavaScript:

ECMA script offers a deconstructing feature that allows developers to create single-line code and simplify JavaScript code. Along with that, if you hire ReactJS developers who are well-versed in all JavaScript functions, operations, and syntax, it would be even more beneficial.

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The developer should thoroughly understand hoisting and efficiently perform various tasks like DOM manipulation, JS scopes, parts, and prototypal inheritance. This is why hiring an expert who is proficient in ECMA Script and JavaScript is necessary.

Knowledge Of Related Technologies:

To build robust React-based applications, the developer that you hire must have knowledge of not just React frameworks but also other related technologies.

The foremost requirement is knowledge of the backend platform and framework. It is required for hosting ReactJS applications. The most compatible frameworks with React are Ruby on Rails, Laravel, and Django to name a few. Thus an adept developer should know about them to be able to host these applications in an agile manner.

They should also have hands-on experience with the popular JavaScript tech stack MERN (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, Node JS). It is the most preferred choice among developers to build Fullstack JavaScript apps.

To develop a React-based application that is scalable and reliable, the developer that you hire should stay updated about the advancements and the latest trends in these related technologies. You can hire experts from a ReactJS development company and get quality and efficient services or you can go on numerous hiring platforms where you can hire remote ReactJS developers.


Basic Understanding Of Testing Frameworks And Tools:

Testing whether the application is functioning properly is an essential step in the development process. Different types of testing are performed by ReactJS developers like unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing.

One of the key benefits of React is the wide variety of testing tools and frameworks that are available to ease the developer’s job and enhance their efficiency. These tools and frameworks help them write error-free and high-quality codes

So developers must be familiar with these tools which are specifically designed for different kinds of testing such as Sinon, Chai, Jest, etc., which are used for unit testing while Karma for Integration testing, and Cypress, Selenium, Nightwatch, and Cucumber.js for end-to-end testing

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So when you hire ReactJS developers make sure that they have a good understanding of these testing tools and frameworks.

Familiarity With Javascript Build Tools:

The JavaScript build tools help the developer expand the React library and install several software packages for handling dependencies, running the development server, and performing optimization to create robust and reliable React-based applications.

They should be familiar with the most popular JavaScript build tools like:

  • NPM – It is a cloud-based dependency repository used to download and install software packages.
  • Webpack – It is a JavaScript module builder used to combine all the resources into one file and create dependency graphs.
  • Yarn – It is a package manager that is helpful when developers install software packages, manage dependencies and streamline NPM operations in a React application.

Well-Versed In Styling Techniques And React Fundamentals:

The React ecosystem is huge and has numerous reusable components. Thus working with a React developer who knows the fundamental React components and standard styling techniques is really beneficial and important.

Familiarity with Create React App, which is a tool used by developers to set up and configure projects efficiently is a must to be able to utilize those reusable components.

In order to create engaging user interfaces the developer should know about React components, CSS techniques, and third-party tools and libraries.

The React developer should also be familiar with significant CSS styling methods and tools like JSS, JS-In-CSS, CSS Frameworks, and CSS preprocessors (like LESS, SCSS, and SASS). These tools help the developers to write quick and conflict-free codes while adhering to the coding conventions.

To Be Able To Handle React Workflows With Ease:

If you hire ReactJS developers with practical knowledge of ReactJS workflows, they would be able to handle state management which is generally the biggest problem faced by React developers, especially in complex React apps.

Employ experts proficient in state management tools like Context API, Redux, and Mobx. These are some of the most important and commonly used libraries for easy synchronization of React application’s state across all the components.

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To Conclude:

Above mentioned technical skills are some of the essential skills which you must pay attention to when hiring React experts. These skills make project development seamless and agile. With React framework gaining popularity for developing web applications efficiently, it is essential that you hire ReactJS developers with the appropriate skills and knowledge.

However, there are non-technical skills to consider as well. The developer you hire must have proficient communication skills to manage and convey all the requirements, processes, and issues to the team and efficiently handle the development process.

They should also have critical thinking and brilliant problem-solving skills so that they can take up difficult tasks and handle tricky issues that might come up during the development process. You can also partner with a ReactJS development company to work with the best talent securely and hassle-free as they will take care of everything agilely.

Returning to the question of why you should seek ReactJS development services, the biggest advantage of React is that you get to work with the latest technologies and build robust, scalable, and professional-looking applications. An adept ReactJS developer with thorough experience can create seamless user interfaces.

With so many things to keep in mind, from skillsets to experience to their personality, hiring a ReactJS developer can become stressful, especially if you are from a non-technical background. We hope these seven pointers will make you feel more confident during the hiring.

Niraj JagwaniAbout the Author:

Niraj Jagwani is an engineer who has co-founded a number of businesses in the domain of software development services. His expertise extends to various areas, including providing opportunities to hire ReactJS developers to help various clients across industries increase revenues, optimize processes, and achieve new milestones. He is a passionate writer and loves to exchange ideas.

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