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Top 6 Best And Leading UI Design Trends For 2022

If we look at the official Google definition, “UI design is a visual design discipline that focuses on how information is organized and presented through graphical elements such as icons, typography, drop-down menus, buttons, and other items.”

Though there are clear guidelines for good UI design, it’s still subjective. UI designs might be different depending on personal preferences or business type. So what can we say about the best mobile apps if they’re all unique? There is an answer: UI Design trends!

Trend #1: Simplicity

According to a study, the average smartphone user has over 100 apps installed on their device. With that many apps in use, it’s no wonder that people want something simple and easy to navigate when using the interface of any given application or website. Designers are going for a clean and clear look to reduce navigational confusion and keep users moving forward towards their goals without getting distracted by extraneous design elements.

Simplicity is extremely important if you want users to interact with an interface without causing too much trouble. A flamboyant system requires complex steps for simple procedures, which is why it’s not recommended.

Some examples of this are:

  • Using illustrations rather than text to better explain the process
  • Separating elements to make them distinguishable from one another. Simplifying menus and lists will make them more comprehensible.
  • Placing buttons or other interactive elements closer together to avoid users having to scroll constantly just because the distance between these elements is too big!

Trend #2: Creative Scrolling

Creative scrolling is one of the most popular UI design trends which we will be seeing in 2022 and beyond too.

When working on an interface you need to take into consideration that nowadays users expect everything at their fingertips, so they won’t bother scrolling down a long page if all of the information can be displayed on one single screen. So how do you manage to do this? With creative scrolling! So how can you scroll in a creative way? There are many ways of doing it. You could, for example, have several different layers on your page. A user could then swipe through them to get more information.

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If users are forced to repeatedly scroll up and down just because some items are placed too far apart from each other, they won’t be happy at all. If you want users to interact with your interface properly, always take into consideration that they expect everything at their fingertips.


Trend #3: Voice User Interface

The voice is the next big UI design trend after mobile app development. Voice user interfaces (VoUIs) allow people to interact with machines using their voices rather than keyboards or touchscreens. The market for VoUIs is predicted to exceed $90 billion in 2022. In 2022 voice interfaces will be common among mobile apps, although I predict we won’t see a lot of them on desktops or laptops within 5 years from now simply because typing is still faster than speaking if you have to type a lot. Furthermore, businesses will choose whether or not they implement voice into their apps based on the purpose of those apps – for example, voice probably isn’t going to make sense in a productivity app very often.

Using voice UI instead of typing will lower the barrier for communication, especially in places where it’s inconvenient or dangerous to type on a touchscreen. Having an option to use voice UI always at your disposal could be super useful when you are multitasking. However, this method won’t work well with simple answers because users will have to wait till the answer is provided.

Trend #4: Animated Illustrations

Animated illustrations (also known as animated icons) currently exist on most smartphone keyboards and many messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. Users enjoy communicating via these icons because they represent their feelings more accurately than words do.

It’s 2022 and we’re still talking about how important it is to add animations to improve user experience, but why do we think this trend will become even more prominent in the future? Well, it’s all about simplicity and attention to detail – animated illustrations offer a great way to show how exactly your product works without overloading the user with copious amounts of text instructions or plain images. And because they are so simple, you can have many different types of animations working at once without crashing or getting confusing for users! If you want some examples of this UI design trend in action, take a look at Airbnb’s & Uber’s home pages.

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Animation can also be used to create an emotional connection between the product and the user – which is exactly why African Media Kit uses animation to emphasize that it isn’t just another design tool, but a way of life!

Trend #5: Mobile-First Approach

As mobile devices have become more powerful than ever, web design trends are now adapting to suit the mobile audience as well. This year has also seen a rise in the use of mobile-friendly designs across all industries, which is why minimalistic designs are trending so heavily this year. However, with mobile devices becoming even more powerful, companies are now shifting their focus towards responsive and adaptive layouts. Moreover, responsive web design has always been considered an important factor for better search engine rankings and it’s only going to get more significant as time goes by.

Since more people are using their mobile devices for browsing the Internet, designers are now focusing mainly on how designs work specifically on mobile devices. One example of this is Google’s new Material Design language which works best when put in mobile applications instead of full websites or desktop applications. More and more companies are starting to use mobile-first design strategies since it can help make things much easier for their customers who might not understand how to use a website or application designed only for PCs and laptops, but instead for smaller touch screens where there is no mouse cursor (such as iOS).

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Trend #6: Illustration & Animation

A lot of user interfaces are starting to look more like cartoons than realistic images, and the reason for this is because it makes looking at something easier since it helps take up more room (making things look like they’re moving or scrolling) while using less space. For example, many people choose to use animated GIFs on their websites because they help show product information rather than just telling you about what’s being sold. Animated graphics also help grab your attention much better than other types of illustrations which might not be as eye-catching or interesting in certain cases.

As users get more experienced with digital interfaces, they also become more accustomed to well-designed and animated illustrations that convey a message or create an atmosphere in an app’s interface. While we see many designers still creating interfaces with sharp edges and bright colors in their designs, I think in 2022 we will be seeing even more well-designed animated illustrations in user interfaces across different platforms and devices.


In 2022, it is predicted that UI/UX design trends will be one of the most important aspects when creating an interface for either a website or an app. The basic goal behind these techniques is to create something visually appealing with high user engagement in mind so users not only browse but also interact on your site as well!

Designing a website can seem like an overwhelming process, but our team at Pixel Street will take care of all the difficult parts for you. With affordable prices and high-quality standards throughout every step in your project’s design process – from consultation through implementation-we are here to make sure it goes smoothly!

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:

Khurshid Alam is the founder of Pixel Street, a web design company in Kolkata. He aspires to solve business problems by communicating effectively digitally. In his leisure, he reads, writes, and occasionally plays a game of table tennis.

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