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8 Features You Should Consider To Build Your Shopify eCommerce Store

If You Want Your Shopify Store To Stand Apart From The Crowd, Then You Will Need Unique Features In Your Website. Here Are Some Of My Suggestions That Can Help You Increase Sales, Engagements, And Customer Satisfaction.

When it comes to an eCommerce website, the primary goal is to retain and engage your audience. And if you have an eCommerce store on a platform like Shopify, then receiving the engagement is easy, but converting them into clients is challenging due to high competition. To stand apart from the crowd, you need some unique and helpful features to make your website user-friendly. Because even if you have the greatest quality of products, they will not sell themselves, your services will need to market them.

Thus, you should not neglect the power of user-friendly websites as they can comfort the audience and encourage them to have a look at your products, cater to their needs, make navigation easy for them, etc.

In this article, we will talk about some features that can help you to make your eCommerce website unique to the crowd of competitors. Let us start with a tip.

Pro Tip: Keep your Shopify Store updated with the latest technology, features, and strategies. You can use Shopify Bulk editor to bulk edit the price, offers, or description of products in one go. This will save your time and efforts. Plus, you can use chatbots to assist customers and update your store with AI (Artificial Intelligence). For features, you can have a look at the following article:

1.) Search Functionality:

When the audience visits your online store, whether they are new or existing ones, they usually have an idea of what they want from your website. So, they would not prefer to waste their time navigating through your website to find the product they want. They will prefer a search bar where they can type the product or product-related details to find it without the need for navigation.

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Having a search bar functionality is necessary to save your customers time and effort. This will also increase customer satisfaction. You need to ensure that the search functionality finds the items in real-time, showing the relevant and updated data to the customer. The prompt response will encourage customers to buy more required products.

2.) Promotion And Discount Code Tools:

You already know the power of discounts, they can dissolve the little hesitation in any customer and convert them. So, you can provide customers with discount codes that they can input while checkout and receive specific discounts or offers. And the discount you offer them can be seen as a future investment because that customer will return to your website again if you give them a discount on the next purchase too.

For example, if a customer is buying shoes from your website you can give them free delivery on their first purchase and a 10% discount on their second purchase. This way, they will engage with your site and will probably do word of mouth marketing for your store to their loved ones. Tell me, how is this not a profit?

3.) Mega Menu:

A mega menu needs to be organized with a neat list of products in their respective categories and subcategories. This is extremely useful for new or old audiences who visit your site. The main objective of the mega menu is to have everything newly listed to provide proper navigation and understanding to the audience. This way users can find products quickly, and companies can showcase their products effectively without taking too much space on the homepage.

Mega menus are the best way to save space on the homepage, the efforts of the customers, enhance the shopping experience, and ease the navigation process. Mega menus are also beneficial for your SEO. How? They make it easier for Google to find and show your brand’s products or category pages using keywords that will improve your rankings.


4.) Newsletter Sign Up:

One of the best ways by which you can keep your customers up-to-date on your latest launches or offers is to introduce a newsletter sign-up. You can have this mentioned in the footer of your website for customers to see it while they scroll down. Newsletters are the best way to increase brand awareness and take care of your loyal customers by offering them discounts and early checkouts.

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5.) Auto-Calculate Shipping Prices:

One of the trickiest things about running an online store is to calculate the shipping costs. If you underestimate the charges of it, then you could end up losing a lot of money. Whereas if you overestimate it, then your customers will probably abandon their carts after seeing it. To avoid this, you can use tools that can help you to calculate the exact shipping cost for individual customers by analyzing the location and size/weight of their product.

6.) Wish List:

Wish lists are a section for shoppers where they can save items that they are not confident to purchase right away. Wishlist encourages users to sign up for their accounts to avail the feature. This will give your website more users, and we all know how much our wish list encourages us to buy the items. You can also give them discounts on the products on their wish list to reduce the cart abandoned rates.

7.) Review Section:

There is a common misconception around every store that negative reviews will create wrong impressions and are bad for the company’s website, so they usually decide to delete them. But let me tell you that if there are only positive reviews, the audience will assume that they are fake reviews. Having negative reviews between the positive ones is a sign of a genuine site. Additionally, negative reviews help you to improve and add the functionality that customers want or expect from you.

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So, ensure that you are replying to every review on your site and provide assistance to all the customers if they need some help. Those replies will make an impression on the new users that you have a genuine site, and that you genuinely care about your customers.

8.) Relevant Suggestions:

Suggesting relevant products and services can increase sales to massive counts. Suppose you are buying a body wash and the suggestion says you should buy a loofah or a bathing kit, then the chances are that most of the audience will buy it. You can have tools that can give you insights into each customer’s interaction with your tabs. This way when they open their homepage, they can have all the relevant suggestions based on their interests. This will encourage them to buy those products. This will increase your engagement and sales count.


Shopify is a wide platform with ample visitors but making them notice your store can be quite a task. For that, you can use the above unique features to add to your store that will increase engagement and customer satisfaction in your store. Additionally, these features will also help you to design your store in a way that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can hire a Shopify development company to install all the necessary features in your store and customize it according to your business goals and audience requirements.

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