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Simple Ways To Buy The Best Toner Or Cartridge

Getting the best print quality is the first choice of every user, whether it is for personal or for professional use. But, do you know, the quality of print-outs completely lies on your selected toner and cartridge. Therefore, while buying a toner or cartridge keep your eyes wide open. Because a wrong choice of any can affect your presentations. Many buyers also found choosing a compatible cartridge to save some money, it affects them on the later stage. So, here we have simple guidelines to buy best toner or cartridge for a valuable print quality:

1.) Go With The Brand:

This one time-tested method to go with the popular brands. Almost all printer manufacturer also produce toner and cartridges. To enjoy their fine quality print-outs, many people prefer to choose famous brands cartridge like Lexmark toner cartridges.  Moreover, there are some other benefits of this as follows:

  • They have an extremely low melting point
  • Brands deliver products with Perfect fit
  • There is no ease of color correction
  • It saves your time and money
  • Brands always deliver unmatched reliability, legendary quality
  • They are always committed to sustainability


2.) Do Your Homework:

If you are eyeing on the vendor’s product that you have not used before, then it’s better to get answers of a few questions. Like, vendor and toner’s authenticity? Ink carrot? What about the product’s ISO standards? And about users review. After getting successful answers to these questions you can buy a cartridge. Additionally, you can consult with your company technician for more help.

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But if you are buying a cartridge from an online source, check the vendor’s website properly. Also, check whether they provide product guarantee/warranty with the return and replacement policy or not. Don’t forget to track past customer’s reviews.

These steps are crucial because there are many websites that may hide these parameters from customers. So, test wisely everything.

3.) Check Cheap Toner Or Cartridges Warranty:

Many people in order to save some dollars, prefer to go with cheap toners and cartridges. These compatible cartridges are good if you buy the best quality of compatible cartridges. There are high chances of their good-quality print-outs. But, here if you are worried about the vendor’s return policy, on a survey. almost 60% of vendors stand behind for unopened cartridges for 30 days to a year. For this, they charge some restocking and shipping fees.

In the same survey, 59% of third-party vendors return and refund opened cartridge, in case there is 70% of ink present in the cartridge and it stopped to print.

List Of Third-Party Ink Sellers:

  • 4Inkjets
  • Amazon
  • Cartridgesale
  • Carrot Ink
  • Clickinks
  • Databazaar
  • Inkfarm
  • LDProducts
  • Office Depot & Office Max
  • OverStock
  • Source4Ink
  • Staples

Bottom Line:

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you for finding the best toner and cartridge for your printer. As per our advice, while choosing a cartridge, try to go for an original cartridge or toner. Because, they may charge you a little bit extra but, you don’t need to compromise for the quality. Moreover, these also have a quality guarantee.

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Claire EadesAbout the Author:
Claire Eades is the Digital Marketer at Cartridgesale – online retailers for Brother Toner Cartridges in Australia. She started her career in 2010. Claire has a strong technical SEO background in creative writing and journalism. She is an industry speaker & enjoys providing thought leadership on all things SEO.

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