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Details Of Exporting From India With Amazon

With the Indian exports picking up a boost, the economy has seen a lot of development in the past years. There used to be a slot of sellers who could not export due to the multi-channel permissions, legal requirements, and the difficulties involved in the lengthy process. These barriers stopped people from experimenting with their fortune in foreign markets. But the current era of the internet allows everyone equal opportunities for growth and development.

Now, every company, whether big or small, wants to know how to export goods from India because of the straightforward interface. All sellers and manufacturers see a future for their company and goods. And if you have seen good growth in the domestic market, you must try to expand your business within the international boundaries. Exporting is a one-stop solution if you see enhanced technological inclusion in your business, increased profits, and broader reach.

Amazon is a massive online platform that facilitates e-commerce retailing. Started as a book-selling store, it has expanded numerous times, selling each category of products that a consumer needs today. As an online retailer, it offers advantages to both parties, i.e., sellers and buyers. When we dive deep into the benefits provided by Amazon, we can clearly see why the statistics of the number of people using Amazon shows an increasing trend. The following is a complete guide on how to export goods from India and the benefits of using Amazon Global Selling.

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How To Export Using Amazon?

Amazon has allowed over 70,000 sellers to trade in more than 200 countries. The best thing is that it has an easy user interface that does not create confusion in the minds of sellers, and they can follow the steps and register quickly. Also, with a solid customer base in almost every country, it gives an added advantage to sellers to leverage the existing audience. when you read further, you can know the detailed process of exporting with Amazon.


The first thing that you need to do is register on the Amazon site as a global seller. When you register on this platform, you are eligible to avail the various benefits and all the incentives that any other international seller gets. For registration, you need to submit some documents issued by multiple government bodies. These include the import-export certificate, registration cum membership certificate, PAN, etc.

Product Listing:

You have crossed the first step of how to export goods from India with Amazon. Now, you have to list the goods or products that you will be selling internationally. This is the best feature of Amazon. You do not have to invest huge chunks of money in building your own website. You can utilize Amazon’s site with an easy UI-UX to list, promote, and sell your products.

Shipping And Delivery:

After you list your products, they become visible to the buyers, and they can place an order if they find it suitable. So, the next step is receiving orders, their shipment, and delivery. For this, you can either choose your methods of delivery or rely on Fulfilment by Amazon. It is another excellent feature by Amazon. It allows sellers to store their inventory with fulfillment centers by Amazon that also take care of shipment and delivery of the products on your behalf.

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The final step is receipt of payments. Once the customer purchases your product, they can either pay you online or on delivery. In any case, Amazon makes sure that you receive each penny safely without any discrepancies.


Advantages Of Using Amazon:

There are numerous reasons why Amazon is the best answer for the question of how to export goods from India. The primary reason is that it is an online website that has been in the industry for a long time now. More than anything, it has built trustworthiness in the minds of consumers that enhances the brand’s loyalty. It is a great plus point for sellers who want to target a new market.

Other than the above, the following are some other advantages you can avail of when using Amazon as your global selling partner.

  • With this eCommerce platform, you do not have to limit yourself only to the domestic markets. You can freely explore foreign marketplaces and customers without moving out of your home.
  • The pervasive reach of Amazon lets you diversify your market. In this way, you will have to face less idle time, and the productivity can increase by two times.
  • You can sell throughout the year without having to wait for occasions. For instance, if you sell winter clothes, you can sell them in India from November to January. And in the remaining years, you can trade in other parts of the world.
  • Amazon offers various tools and services that take care of the marketing and promotion of your products. These include FBA, retargeting, customer service management, etc.
  • You can utilize the occasions and times of the years when the demand is very high. For example, the multiple festivals of different countries.
  • You can leverage the times of sale introduced by Amazon. The Black Friday Sale, Prime Day, Cyber Monday Sale, Reason sales, etc.
  • With Amazon, you can make sure that the demand for your products never ends. You can sell during Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Tomatina, and whatnot.
  • There is little to no middlemen involved, and thus, the price seems affordable for all categories of customers.
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When you learn how to export goods from India, you must not think that the work is done. Even if Amazon is your partner, you need to invest time in research. You need to know everything-What is the target market, what are the consumer needs, how to assess those needs, what improvements you need to make in your products to satisfy customers, etc. So, now is the best time always.

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