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Here’s How Sales Team Can Contribute To The Growth Of An IT Company?

We live in a world where technology is prevalent. From the minute we wake up till we fall asleep, and after that, we are surrounded by gadgets and devices that help us in every sphere of life.

Technology is the ultimate salvation for mankind, helping us progress towards a better world. Similarly, many IT companies around the globe are leveraging technology to deliver custom solutions. These add significant value to the lives of end-users.

But from the business perspective, they need to keep generating the revenue. That is where the sales team needs to step up. In today’s era, there are multiple techniques that can help in improving the sales process.

Whether you are an IT company, mobile app development company, product development company, or otherwise, adapting the below-mentioned techniques can aid in making the sales process more refined, targeted, and result-oriented.

1.) Start Gathering Data:

A sales team can improve its performance if they start gathering the data. Today, there are multiple ways you can gather relevant data and use it to your advantage.

You can gather data through Google Analytics that provides precise insights about your audience. These actionable insights help you understand the behaviour of your audience and morph your campaigns accordingly.

Moreover, you can also extract data and assumptions through email or social media marketing campaigns. Once you have them, those can be put to the test.

Remember that improving sales is a continuous process. One has to keep reviewing the processes and exploring new opportunities for cumulative growth.

2.) Use The Cloud:

Cloud technology has pretty much changed the way we store, access, and manage our data.

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Speedy access, a safer environment, and performance-intensive cloud platforms are the ones to opt for. For an IT company, choosing a cloud technology to host their products or services is out of the question; it is a compulsion.

Modern cloud technologies can be seamlessly integrated with modern services. Through these, a sales team can improve their productivity as well as refine their processes.

Through this, you not only become more efficient in the work you do, but you also reap the benefits of working with a more optimized technological architecture.

3.) Review Your Funnels:

Funnels play a vital role in paving the way for new clients.

No matter what you sell online – having the right sales funnel will take you places. The induction of modern methods may be necessary to engage new customers. Improving the experience of the users is another aspect that helps in generating better leads.

In the digital spectrum, the better environment you offer, the better results you get.

That is why designing a conducive sales funnel is imperative and helps in defining a successful user journey. By giving your customers what they want, you can get improved sales figures, and that is what you should focus on while creating the funnel.


4.) Improve Communication Within Team:

Communication is the key. Whether you are in a war or in an air-conditioned room, working for a digital client.

Oftentimes, communication gaps lead to severe mismanagement. Today, there are multiple software systems available through which communication can be made effective.

When teams work together and are synergized, they are able to address the requirements in a more transparent manner.

This also leads to expansion of the business operations, which ultimately benefit the IT or mobile app development company, and sets the course for future endeavours.

The sales team can use any in-house software to communicate and be updated regarding the clients and their progress. Or they can also use any third-party software to maintain efficient communication throughout.

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5.) Automate Wherever You Can:

Automation is changing the world we live in. From digital processes to industrial ops – automation is slowly taking over. The main reason behind the success of automation is the value it adds and the time it saves.

When you automate, you ensure that every module is put into place delicately, like part of a difficult puzzle. And once it is completed, you can focus on other important tasks while automated processes do everything for you.

If you sell products, you can easily automate your process. If you are a mobile app development company that relies heavily on email marketing, you can automate your sequence.

There is a world full of possibilities where you can personalize and track all the instances and improve on the go.

6.) Use Management Software:

The best management software for sales teams is CRM – a comprehensive system having all the necessary features and functions to help the sales team manage clients, projects, and everything else conveniently.

Today, almost everyone uses a CRM. Some IT companies have even built their own custom software to meet their needs.

If you think your IT company is large enough to have its own CRM and it can help you scale – there is no better option than going for a perfectly built CRM software.

CRM just doesn’t help you manage; it also contributes to bringing the costs down, which favours the company in the long term. You can also integrate your services with it and part-automate it to build better systems.

7.) Use Technology To Influence:

Technology has been around us for a while now, and it keeps improving. When we talk about the role of a sales team in the growth of an IT or mobile app development company, technology itself can be very useful.

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For example, you can use modern presentation tools to convey your progress to the clients, or you can use reporting tools to portray the current standings, pitch new features, and much more.

The usage of technology to influence technology sales is a viable method that can be used in a number of ways. It helps generate more leads in an improved manner and serves the clients with more efficiency.

Bottom Line:

There is no doubt that technology has a solution for everything. But to identify the right avenues on the horizon is where most of us lack. Modern IT sales are nothing different when it comes to the usage of technology in generating sales and helping the company grow.

The use of conventional sales methods has made progress stagnant for many. However, now the need is to use technological factors and use them to our advantage by reaching the right clients, presenting them with the appropriate solutions, and generating desirable revenue.

Many tools and techniques have become obsolete. Yet, many have evolved with time and adjusted as per contemporary requirements. Similarly, the sales teams need to review their processes and adapt in order to capitalize on the opportunities at the table.

Today, we discussed some of the very imminent ways of using the technology for the benefit of the company. If implemented right, it can assist in uncapped growth of the company with bright future prospects.

Muhammad Bin HabibAbout the Author:

Muhammad Bin Habib is a computer science graduate passionate about technology, writing, and automobiles. He writes on emerging technologies, mobile apps, cyber spheres, fintech, and digital marketing and has significant experience working for a leading mobile app development company in Dubai. He prefers watching documentaries covering military strategy and technology, international security, and warplanes, and reading books that fall under the same domain in his leisure time.

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