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Affiliate Marketing – A Complete Guide For Beginner In 2021

The primary idea behind affiliate marketing is to promote other people’s products through an affiliate network and start earning a commission. It happens when customers end up purchasing those products due to your marketing skills. Affiliate marketing is dependent on the concept of revenue sharing. If you include a product and want to sell those more, you can offer different promoters a financial aid incentive through the affiliate program. If you want to make money and do not have any products, you might promote them, which you feel have some value, and earn an income from being an affiliate marketer.

This article will share some ways to earn from affiliate marketing and the basics every affiliate marketer should know. Here you will find a step-by-step guide to the entire process so that you will start earning affiliate marketing commission in no time at all!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is known as the practice of promoting the services or products of another company or person in exchange for the commission on the final resulting sale. Affiliate marketers join different affiliate programs, find the reputed products for promotion and then share them with their organic audience. In other words, it is one of the modern ways of getting commissions.

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What Are The Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing?

  1. Fashion – Luxury, makeup, DIY: Crafting
  2. Tech Niches – Web Hosting, VPN, Software, Tools, WordPress Themes & Plugins
  3. Financial – Credit Card, Trading Information, Banking Details
  4. Health and Fitness – Weight Loss, Yoga, Body Supplements, GYM equipment.
  5. Home & Family – Baby products, Furniture, Gardening, Gifts


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is quite technical, even for those who are well-known in the world of digital marketing. Now let us check out how affiliate marketing works.

  1. When someone joins the merchant program as an affiliate, she/she receives an exclusive ID and specific URL to implement when you promote the company product.
  2. The person will then include the URL or the link in their website or blog post. They invite readers to click on the link and through various email marketing efforts.
  3. When a potential buyer clicks on the link to visit the affiliate partner’s website, a cookie might identify the affiliate and be present on the website visitor computer. The cookie will make sure that the publisher will get the due credit for the referral sale. This reward will be applicable even if it occurs weeks or days later.
  4. Whenever a customer completes the buying process, the merchant will check out the sales record for the cookie that will determine the referral source.
  5. When the merchant finds the affiliate ID and a cookie, the affiliate will get credited with the sale.
  6. The merchant will share the reports so the affiliate can check out their sales and clicks or referral.
  7. The merchant will pay the affiliate commission towards the end of every payment period of revenue sharing.


How To Find The Affiliate Programs?

There are a total of three different affiliate programs to select from. They are as follows.

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1 – Low volume and high paying affiliate programs:

These are the type of affiliate programs with high payouts for niche products. There are also big competitions for these programs as they come up with high commissions. Since you will be just starting, it will become hard to make a good amount of money as the profit against the skilled marketers.

2 – High volume and high paying affiliate programs:

These affiliate programs are for products with mass appeal with high commissions. But the disadvantages of these products are that these markets will attract affiliate marketers with high deep pockets and expertise. They also use spam tactics to survive as a marketer in these programs with which you cannot compete.

3 – High volume and low paying affiliate program:

These affiliate programs are for products with lower payouts and mass appeal. These types of the program include redeeming qualities that include opportunities for the affiliate marketer to sell many products. For example, take the affiliate program of Amazon. It gives 10% commission to all its affiliate marketers on almost every product that Amazon will sell. Another benefit of this program is that you will get commissions on purchasing the entire value of the product you will recommend. To acquire money and profit from this type of affiliate program, you will require lots of organic traffic.

Ways To Decide Which Affiliate Program Is Perfect For You

You might be now wondering which of the above three affiliate programs will be perfect for you to join. Well, that will depend on your expertise and niche level. If you are targeting the consumers, then you should join the third model. If you want a business audience, then the first model is perfect for you. The most famous affiliate programming that you will find in Amazon is for web hosting and software-related products.

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The best way through which you can find affiliate programs is through search engines. You will get the required application form for the program on Google. However, if there is any product that you want to promote with no affiliate programming, then reach out straight to the company and ask them if they are interested in affiliate marketing or not.


The above are some of the affiliate marketing fundamentals, and their application will help you get on the correct path. Do not expect any life-changing profit overnight as it takes time. Concentrate more on the affiliate sale. Hopefully, by now, you know what you have to do as an affiliate marketer. Till then, happy reading!


Q1 – How to track the sales activity?

You can track the sales activity through the publisher ID that records which marketer has generated many sales.

Q2 – Is it possible to include an affiliate program in different countries?

You can promote your affiliate program in any country.

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