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How To Compress Images Without losing Quality?

It would be quite fun and exciting for all the people while capturing their best moments in their life. After capturing some of the memorable pictures, people love sharing such pictures on the popular social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and many more. In order to share the pictures, you need to edit them using the best photo editing tools available on the web. On the social media platforms, there is a limit on the size of profile picture, cover photo and many more.

Not only the social media pictures, there are other wishes and quotes images at the time of uploading your photo for any exam application form, you need to make sure that the size doesn’t exceed the limit mentioned by the organisation. In such a case, compression of pictures comes into play. You need to compress the picture in order to fit in the provided field. If you are not aware of the process of compressing the images without losing the quality of the picture, we are here to assist you. In this post, we have come up with a detailed guide that helps the users to compress any format of image without having to lessen the quality of the picture.

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Compressing Image File Size:

The images that we capture using our camera or mobile camera, it could eventually enhance the size of the file on your Office document. There is a possibility of reducing the size of the file. The method of reducing picture size is nothing but compression of images in a file. But, sometimes, if you compress the image, the quality of the image also lessens drastically. There are several ways to compress images without having to lose the quality. For a picture, you can make numerous changes like reduction of file size of image, diminishing the image resolution and applying compression without losing quality, and image cropping.

There are copious online tools available on the web for compressing the picture online. If you don’t want to use online tools or some other software programs, you can simply do the compression on Microsoft Office. The users can compress a picture based on the number of colours used within that particular picture. You can easily lessen the colour format of the picture in order reduce the size of the image file. At the time of compressing a picture, the colour of the picture embraces some bits per pixel and you will not find any kind of loss in the quality.


How To Compress Picture Size Without losing Quality?

Here are the easy steps that help the users to compress the size of any picture without having to lose its quality:

  • First of all, choose the picture that you want to compress from the gallery.
  • Go to Picture Tools >> Format >> Adjust and tap on Compress Pictures option.
  • If you are seeking to compress only selected picture but not all of them, then you need to tick the checkbox of Apply Only to this picture.
  • Make sure that you check the box or else, the changes apply to all the pictures.
  • You can then pick the resolution of the image that you wish to have to that picture from Target Output tab.
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This is the simple procedure to compress the size of picture without losing the quality.

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