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What Are The Best Ways To Design Modern Icons?

Icons serve the visual role in branding and they are most effective when used in a customised way. Icons are small graphics that can replace heavy text messages in a product. It can not only be useful as information graphics but also in logo design.

They are a very important part of the branding and if it stays unique then it does attract customers.

Brand Identity:

The set of tools and images including the design, colour, logo of a brand is the brand identity. Brand identity is used to distinguish the brand from the other competitors. This plays a very important role because it brings in the customer and thereby increases the brand sales.

Branding was not given so much importance previously but in this digital era to have your own brand identity helps you get more profit and customers as well.

There are various Brand Identity Design Services available online and offline and they help strategize the visual elements of your brand identity.


These graphic marks or symbols are the stylized way of making the company’s name or brand look attractive. Logos are the basic need of brands. There are thousands of brands that can be recognized by most people just by seeing the logo.

It creates an impact in the customer’s mind and in today’s world logos have become the new trend as people want to flaunt their belongings that are branded.

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Best Ways To Design Modern Icons:

Set The Goal:

Every brand is different and the services or products it offers are different so while creating icons for a brand make sure you have your goal set and clear about what important things will need icons and how you can make it special.

Draw Sketches:

Even if you are hiring brand identity services you can still sketch icons for your brand. Sketching gives a raw idea of how the icons can be turned into and it is easy to undo or eliminate any idea if you do not like it in sketches. These icons will make the brand identity so be wise with it.

Start With Simpler Shape:

Decide the outline for the icons and use different applications and software to draw simple shapes or draw the sketches in them to have a clear idea of the icon.

Choose The Right Type:

Talking about the types available for icons there are a lot of different ways and design ideas that can be used. Few examples could be coloured icons, doodled icons, badge icons, flat icons, etc.


Clear Icons:

While designing icons there should be clarity as they are carrying some important information. For example, there can be an icon for the expiration date in a food item but the item can be too complicated for the customer to understand. So we need to be clear and simple while creating them.

Make It Readable:

Once the icon is made with clarity if there is a need to include text then make sure it is readable by customers, too small of a font or short form can be troubling so this factor needs to be in mind.

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If your icon is resembling any entity then the icon should be the most suited one, with advancement in the field of technology the digital icons can be designed in so many ways and even redesigning is easy and quick if it does not meets your purpose.

Do Not Over Detail:

Icons are meant to carry details but in a new and visualized way, so these icons should not contain too many details, small icons with only one detail make it easier and you can go completely new and experimental in the modern icons just keeping minimum details rule in mind.


By now it is the most obvious area that your icons can be of your logo or they can share information and they create brand identity too so it has to be unique and new to the buyers of your product or services.

Use Internet:

You can browse through the internet for different ideas and if you are a beginner you can learn to make modern icons with the help of the internet, the website or videos in other applications makes it a lot easier if you are making icons and designs on your own.


This everlasting rule in any business is how we analyze and understand the competitors. Your brand identity should be different from other companies. They should have a unique style and not be as close as your competitors because then you cannot create a brand identity so these modern icons should be better than the competitors.

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Colour And Size:

The appearance of the icons matter the most so be creative with the choice of colours needed as very light colours can be difficult to see or can wear off during transportation, the right colour is important and the correct size of icon too should be suited for the product or service if the icons are for the website then they can be big in size but for products, they should be smaller.


With the world changing rapidly and new trends coming and going out of the market the icons for your brand should be designed with modern ideas and in a consistent way to ensure the running of these icons for a longer period of time.

Often few icons are difficult to read or seem unethical to many and can convey a wrong message as they are just graphics with minimal text in them so they can be easily misunderstood.

There are researchers who have found out that icons if they are used effectively can enhance the usability and be easily remembered but if it is interpreted in the wrong way then can affect the customers as well as the company.

So the icons designer should be careful about this and make every effort to make your brand look different from others.

Hermit ChawlaAbout the Author:

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc.

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