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How Social Media Can Take Your Business To Next Level?

Are you still not sure about the power of social media that can grow your business to the next level?

With more than 2 billion users currently using social media, we are sure that your customers are already there. This is what makes social media one of the crucial part increase your brand awareness. People use different social media tools to achieve their goals.

Using social media is easier said than done.

Below are the 7 ways how social media can take your business to the next level.

1.) Increase In The Business Leads:

According to the social media examiner’s 2017 industry report, about 65% of small/medium businesses are on social media to get more leads to the business.

But a much bigger advantage of using social media is not just for normal leads. It’s the ability of social media to generate highly qualified leads through advanced targeting.

So how can you overcome the barrier and improve the quality of leads over social media for your business?

A simple yet great thing to start is by promoting your content over social media. For this, all you need will be a great piece of content in which your users have an interest in.

2.) Improvement In Search Engine Ranking:

This is one of the biggest topics of debate among the marketer, whether social media has any effect on search ranking on not. but the bottom line is, social media does improve your Search Engine Ranking.

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But How? The domain authority of a website increases when the social share rate of your website increase. This simply leads to the improvement of your search engine rankings.

But this is just not it, Many customers like to visit the social media of a website before proceeding ahead with your website, So they can have a better understanding of customer behavior with your website.

So the more visits your social media pages received the more boost into your social media page ranking will be. Leading you to be among the top-ranked social media pages.

More visits to your social media profiles will boost your social media page ranking, and improve their chances of appearing among the top ranked pages.

3.) Push Traffic:

Most commonly, SMB uses social media to simply increase the traffic to their website.

As per the report of Social Media Examiner. Around 80% of Small business say that they use social media just to increase the traffic to their website.

But, What most Small Business don’t understand is that for getting a ton of traffic from social media you need a strong presence. So in order to derive more traffic to your website, you will need to expand the reach of your brand.

So what to do in order to generate traffic to your website? what is the most effective way to generate social media traffic?

Create a social media profile for your business on each social media platform which is relevant to your niche. Then, leverage those platform by sharing the highly customized content over them.

A well maintained social media profile will surely drive traffic to your website and with the help of a lead funnel, you can eventually convert those website visitors into sales.


4.) Stalk Your Competitors:

We know this sound very strange, but social stalking of your competitor brands is very effective. You can keep an eye on what your competitors are sharing over their social media.

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It will give you the opportunity to find the gap that they are not covering with their content. You can check out what type of content they are sharing and how the users are interacting with their content.

Social media will also help you understand why and how your competitors are performing better than you.

Always make sure that you don’t copy the strategy that they are using. Instead of the following make sure that you learn from them and imply what is best for you.

5.) Brand Recognition:

For any of the small business out there, increasing their social awareness is the top goal.

Why, Because we all know that people love to buy from those brands who they recognize and that’s where social media comes in to help.

As compared to traditional media, Social media can help you put your brand in front of your customers in a faster and effective manner. Plus the social remarketing make people think about your brand, even when they are visiting any other brand.

Make sure that you invest peculiar time into creating and posting the content over your social profiles. Place your logo at a position where it will leave a lasting impact on buyers mind.

6.) Be A Topical Authority:

Social media can help you in establishing your brand as a topical authority into the market. Which means, that your brand becomes a very trusted source of information in your niche.

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But How?

To be a topical authority you will need to keep pushing the relevant content regularly to your social profiles. Once you have enough likes and people start interacting with your content. The search engines will then start recognizing your authority into the niche and this will simply help your brand to become a go-to authority for any topic in your niche.

Once your page is established as a topical authority. It will start generating high-quality traffic to your website.

7.) Increased Conversions:

For any SMB out there, the generating of traffic only will not help. but in order to succeed they will need to have that traffic converted into paying customers.

But how to turn your social media profiles into conversion magnets?

The two most effective methods are –

1.) CTA:

A strong and effective call-to-action button is very important with your content. As it can direct and motivate your potential customers to buy from you.

2.)  Contest And Giveaways:

Wouldn’t you like a discount or giveaway for a service/product that you want to buy. Organizing such contest and giveaways can help you increase your conversions. Along with the increase in conversions, the contest and giveaways also help you in increasing your brand awareness by word of mouth marketing.

Simarjeet SinghAbout the Author:

Simarjeet Singh is a Digital Marketing Enthusiast, blogger, author and speaker. In addition to being the founder of Digital Ninja Singh. He is Digital Marketing Expert with 6 years of experience.

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