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How Does Coworking Help With Talent Acquisition?

One of the biggest challenges faced by all businesses is that of identifying, acquiring, and retaining talent. When people think of coworking, the focus is usually on how shared offices allow entrepreneurs to rent space without worrying about rigid agreements and overhead costs.

But coworking has much more to offer than just that! Let’s have a look at how coworking helps at each stage of the talent-search process.

Identifying Talent:

An entrepreneur who has founded a company from scratch is always in search of people who would work with the same amount of enthusiasm. Having a 20-minute interview is barely enough to gauge whether a candidate truly has the required outlook or is just putting on a show!

At a shared office, entrepreneurs and freelancers work side-by-side in the same space and environment. This gives the employer a chance to observe finer details like dedication, motivation, work ethic, and professional attitude. With active networking and keen observation, an employer can easily identify the right kind of talent for his/her business.

Coworking has definitely bridged the initial gap between employers and job seekers.

Acquiring Talent:

Coworking spaces are known for their community spirit and collaborative approach. With so much talent under the same roof, there will always be someone looking for work.

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Most coworking spaces have forums where employers and employees can post job requirements and requests. In the informal working environment of a coworking space, employers can also approach freelancers directly, thus acquiring talent without fuss and frustration.


Retaining Talent:

Having a steady task force helps the company stay focused on its goals. In order to maintain interest and dedication, it’s important that each employee has sufficient exposure and opportunities for growth.

Working in a shared office space allows individuals to spontaneously interact with professionals from other organizations and other fields of work. Coworking communities also organize seminars and workshops that encourage hobbies.

When employees learn and grow at their workplace, they are more likely to stay with the company and work hard to achieve its goals.

Recently, many companies have started placing their employees at coworking spaces near their homes. However, they have still retained their main office as the centre of administration. Adding new spokes to the hub not only increases geographical reach but also opens up new avenues for talent scouting. Previously inaccessible resources can now join the team and contribute to its growth and success.

When coworking first gained momentum, many thought of it as just a professional substitute for parks and coffee houses where freelancers could work. However, with time, the industry has grown to accommodate professionals from all walks of life.

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Today, each coworking space hosts so much talent that an entrepreneur can easily hire the exact type of resources they are looking for.

Sometimes, if you look in the right place with the right intentions, you can discover jewels you never knew existed!

Rohit GawliAbout the Author:

Rohit Gawli is Co-founder at OfficeBing – Your one-stop solution for Coworking Space, Flexible Offices & Ready BPO Setups. OfficeBing is a co-working solutions company that has built a chain of industry-specialized office spaces in various parts of India. With a powerful technology platform, they aspire to meet the dynamic business needs of both office owners (space partners) and occupants (customers) at every step of the way. OfficeBing is now ready for the new-normal conditions and has started reopening its offices as per government-recommended safety protocols.

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