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What Is The Contribution Of Mobile Apps In The Healthcare Industry?

Applications specifically Mobile Apps have slowly and gradually penetrated in almost every field and industry that is known in the market. From the need to be affordable to providing the access to the high quality of care, the majority of people wonder what the healthcare industry has to offer in the coming future.

The mobile applications, when combined with the Healthcare technology, can result in some highly advanced outcome. This is because with mobile apps the healthcare professionals can offer better aid to medical emergencies at a quicker pace. This technology advancement in the healthcare sector also has improved the patient services by digitalizing the healthcare industry.

Let’s have a look at some of the facts related to the Healthcare Industry and its relation with the mobile applications:

  • By the end of 2013, there were more mobile devices than the total number of human beings on the planet.
  • Currently, there are over 100,000 health and fitness related mobile apps available in Google and Apple play stores.
  • $26 Billion is the estimation value of the Healthcare market as per the 2017 statistics.
  • More than 50% of the smartphone users have stored their health-related data on their smartphones.
  • Approx 10% of people aged 39 to 49 have health applications on their mobile devices.

According to a recent survey, 91% of doctors and healthcare professionals believe that mobile health and fitness applications can help in improving the user’s health.

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Importance Of Mobile Apps In Healthcare Industry:

As seen in the first half of the year 2018, the mobile applications have become an essential part in today’s healthcare practices. For example, now for viewing x-rays, prescribing medicines or taking blood reports, there are mobile apps available in the market.

These mobile applications further help the doctors in virtually tracking and monitoring their patients’ health and look for symptoms at the very early stages. Doctors also use such apps to diagnose a particular and then treat that particular disease to eliminate it from the patient’s body.


Contributions Of Apps In Healthcare:

Here are some of the major contributions of Mobile Apps that are made in the Healthcare community:

Better Safety And Higher Patient Engagement:

With the help of mobile apps, a number of aspects related to patient engagement have been simplified. When going to a hospital/clinic we often see long queues which act as a hindrance to building up a strong engagement level. But now, few apps allow receiving instant medical online consultations with a ton of follow-ups. This has allowed improving the patient engagement as well as the patient’s safety.

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Accessible Electronic Records:

There are various mobile apps that provide the CRM solution, enabling the end-users to upload or manually enter their medical information along with other health details in the app. Because these applications are mostly cloud-based, the user’s data is secure and can be accessed by his/her mobile or desktop device.

This kind of mobile app is very useful when suddenly any medical emergency arises that requires to knowing the medical history or previous reports of the patient.

Scheduling Online Appointments:

The facility to schedule a doctor’s appointment is one of the biggest contributions that mobile apps have in the field of medicine and healthcare. A patient can now simply open an app to book a meeting with their choice of the doctor at a timeslot that suits their daily routine. With this feature, the users can spare themselves from the standing in the long queues and rescheduling of their other activities in order to attend their doctor’s appointment.

And that’s not it, the users can also see the ratings and read reviews of their nearby hospitals and clinics. These mobile apps also help in minimizing the chances of missing the online scheduled appointment by sending timely reminders on a regular basis.


Every now and then, a new fitness or medical healthcare app hits the market and starts gaining popularity. These types of applications can help the user to set targets as per his/her healthcare goals and plans to achieve.

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Another major advantage of using the mobile apps in the healthcare industry is that these records are used for the R&D purpose. As the majority of mobile apps store the medical data online, this information is also used by the medical students for researches. This is done to analyze the health conditions and the causes behind it, in regards to a particular location or area.

Basically, the mobile app development industry has a lot more to offer to the healthcare industry. Other than booking appointments with doctors, monitoring a specific health condition, and storing electronic records. There is much more that these healthcare mobile apps can further contribute in terms of Nanotechnology, Robotics and the list goes on.

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