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7 Skills That Can Help You Get The Role Of A Maintenance Director in 2020

This year has been a boon for those looking forward to enhancing their skills for the companies just waiting to drop the hammer.

Thousands have been laid off due to the ongoing crisis, and the chances of survival with basic and stock skill-sets look rather grim. What you need now is an upgrade to those skills or a selective focus on learning more, considering the ongoing competition and limited jobs.

The post of a Maintenance Director is at the top of its food chain. The number of openings to such an elite post is thus limited, which turns the competition up a notch.

What skills do you need to add to your resume to make you stand out as a potential candidate for the post of Maintenance Director?

The Conundrum of Responsibilities:

Before springing to the concern in hand, it is essential to understand the post in consideration, which will help segregate its requirements and help identify the specifications of the position itself.

Maintenance Directors take care of an organization’s maintenance department at its highest level. They are responsible for defining the overall goals, strategies, and objectives for the entire department and its members.

Depending on the organization’s size, maintenance directors may report directly to the business’s owner or vice president of operations. They typically work with a team of supervisors who manage maintenance technicians across different shifts.

It is now established that the maintenance director job description contains more than just supervising a team or batch of caretakers. It is about a constant investment of time and energy to make sure that there is a solution to any problem that arises.

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Now that the description of the job is clear let’s understand the responsibilities that come with it.

1.) Goal Setting:

The most crucial among the lot is to set guidelines and develop a method to achieve the team’s goals according to the availability of time.

This includes designing procedures that match the company objectives and keeping the maintenance staff and workers in check.

2.) Troubleshooting:

To maintain a smoothly operating system, a maintenance director needs to correct any bugs during the process. And that will be possible by dealing with any issues efficiently while avoiding any sort of shakedowns.

3.) Preventive Maintenance:

Design, implement and modify preventive maintenance programs by reviewing maintenance reports and statistics, reviewing quality control reports, and inspecting operating machines, equipment, and systems for conformance with operational standards.


The Prerequisites: Imperative Skills:

Let us now address the skills required to succeed in this role, given that we are clear about the responsibilities that come with it.

Just like how we check “system requirements” before downloading software to ensure it runs smoothly, it is essential to equip ourselves with the necessary skills.

1.) Communication:

Communication is at the top of the required skills. This post requires you to make yourself absolutely clear about the desired result of a task.

Most companies tend to add this in the description itself to let the candidate know what’s required of them as part of the role being offered.

To improve your communication skills, you can sign up for courses offered by renowned institutions online that will give you a step-by-step guide on how you can improve your communication and social skills.

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2.) Leadership:

An efficient leader must always set a positive example and inspire their subordinates. Strong leaders have a clear vision of the project’s goals and know how to delegate tasks effectively.

This also means that you are the sole person responsible for any given task as someone had said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Maintenance Directors also need to be able to follow up on tasks to ensure that any issues that need to be addressed and projects reevaluated are taken care of. They are the frontline when there are issues that arise due to any difficulties.

3.) Time-Management:

Every task assigned has a ticking deadline. Hence, there is no place for procrastination in this field, and managing your time efficiently is key.

A good time-management professional knows how much time to spend on each task and how to prioritize project duties. In a few words, maintenance managers know how to work smarter.

Using the right time-management tools enables managers to multitask and do their jobs effectively while maintaining timelines and benefiting the organization.

To ensure that everything proceeds within a given time frame, you can install various software available online to maintain a proper record of all tasks and track their completion rate.

Many software programs on the market help manage time, and installing them can help you stay on track.

4.) Interpersonal Skills:

People with good interpersonal skills deal with immense pressure with grace, remain calm during unanticipated problems, and are respected in the workplace. They maintain good relationships with colleagues, vendors, subordinates, and customers alike.

An important quality needed to maintain good interpersonal skills is active listening. An active listener shows others respect, making them more likable, thus helping them get tasks done more efficiently.

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5.) Team Management:

Knowing how to promote teamwork enables the team to brainstorm ideas and develop workable solutions together. It also helps identify misunderstandings that might come in the way and affect the entire team.

Good team-building is the foundation of any good organization. Addressing any issues before they emerge can help save a great deal of time that would otherwise be spent redoing work, which frustrates the team members and leads to delays.

6.) Flexibility:

With complex equipment and technologies, growing safety standards, and internet technology, organizations need to adapt to changing dynamics. They must often shift gears while working, welcome new ideas, and maintain their composure during times like these.

It’s common for routines to keep changing, and you must keep a positive attitude through these changes. Being flexible makes you appear wiser in your employer’s eyes, increases trust, and will add significantly to your personal skills.

7.) Credible Certification:

Choosing the right major is always important when researching how to become a maintenance director. This plays a major role, given the competition for this position

And to get the edge over your opponents, take up courses that will further enhance your skills and put you ahead of the crowd.

There are plenty of certified courses available online which suit this job description very well.

To Summarize:

Along with manual dexterity, the skills mentioned above will give your resume and confidence a boost.

A maintenance director salary can range from anywhere between $60,000 to $90,000 annually, and the scope for growth is significant.

All you need to do is keep plugging away at every opportunity you get during these tough times while constantly striving to keep yourself motivated.

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