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How To Improve Your Mobile App Optimisation Process?

The world has continued to become more interconnected and advanced via the internet.  Presently, our daily functionalities rely on our devices. Among them, mobile applications have gained immense popularity, and help us to meet with several requirements.

There are almost 5 million Apps in both, the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and over 200 billion downloads in total. Mobile applications are growing rapidly and there are several development challenges also including network efficiency, render times, and cross-platform.

However, proper optimization has turned out to be a key to success and known as a secret weapon to attract users. In order to stay ahead in the market competition, it is important for the developers to consider several factors such as application performance, size, design, and platform-based guidelines. When it comes to Apple, then it has more strict guidelines, which are important to follow to launch your app on the app store. In order to leverage all the benefits of the iOS platform, partner with the iOS development company.

Why Is The Mobile Optimization Process Important?

  1. Users can’t compromise with the experience of the applications, they prefer to opt for mobile apps, which are easy to use and offer effortless service to them.
  2. Now, for people, mobile applications have become an important part of their lives.  From food ordering to cab booking, they rely on the apps. This platform has turned our lives easier and faster. Due to this change, now the usage of the apps has increased more and the lives have transformed making lives fast-paced, where users don’t prefer to wait and it is important that your app should not negatively affect users.
  3. Lastly, in the market, there is high competition. There are numerous mobile applications available for users. Hence, users have a wide range of options in terms of downloading mobile apps. In order to stay ahead in the market competition, it is important to consider all the essential factors that users can’t afford to miss out on.
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In this blog, let’s know-how developers can improve their mobile app optimization process.


How To Improve The Mobile App Optimisation Process?

1) User Expectations:

The foremost step of the app development process is to think about users to whom you and your clients will serve. Develop the app, how your users prefer to use it. The basic features that every user expects from the mobile applications are user friendly and high performance.

If your mobile application has too much complexity to use then users might lose interest in your applications and opt for the other platforms. Apart from this, everyone should be able to use the applications, users should not face any technical complexity. Build apps based on the user friendly and modern interface.

2) Strong Network Coverage:

Increase the usability of your application, by turning your network coverage more strong. The network of the application varies from place to place. The world has become so modern, that now traveling has turned into a major part of life. However, it might be possible that while traveling the network coverage might not be consistent or network coverage speed gets slow. So, before developing your application, make sure that you focus on connectivity.

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3) Compatible:

There are a number of Smartphones in the market and to deliver the best experience focus on the strategy that your app should be compatible with the previous devices and versions which are available in the market and should also support the upcoming smart devices and updated versions of the app.

4) Application Size:

Till now, Android and iOS Smartphones are not as powerful as they should be. Still, a long way to go, and if we look towards the Android market then undoubtedly, they deliver low configuration based mobile phones. And when we see some applications on Playstore, then some of them don’t support 2G and 3G networks. This is the major factor requiring developers’ attention. Your application should not be over-sized so that users find difficulties to download or use them.

5) Effective API Design:

Designing plays a major role and helps to attract a huge number of users towards your platform. However,  it has a huge impact on the applications to boost the designing process, so developers opt for the design API, which could not be compatible with your application. It can lead to the performance of your application and limit the networks.


Application optimization is the process on which you should focus. It will help you to stay ahead in the competition and helps you to improve your user experience feature.

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Marie Weaver is a Tech Consultant at a well established IT company specializing in enterprise web and mobile app development, mobile apps, IoT, Cloud, and Big Data services. She provides valuable insights to help tech companies, startups, and large enterprises build their brand.

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