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Top 7 WordPress Themes That Will Improve Your SEO Ranking

If you are into a website designing, then you must have realized that the perfect theme can be the difference between brisk design development and long periods of time-consuming coding and making without any preparation and ordinary WP maintenance afterward.

A WordPress theme is an assortment of documents that are coordinated together to make an interface that winds up being a design template or design theme for a blog or site. For website specialists, entrepreneurs, and experts who use WordPress on the common, WordPress themes mean the individual doesn’t need to make up a design without any preparation, saving time and exertion.

WordPress themes additionally are spotless, visually stimulating. They are facilitated with a wide range of sorts of layers and options that are perfect for what you need, regardless of whether you recognize what you need going in or not.

Below is the list of WordPress theme which will help you in improving your SEO ranking. And while hire SEO experts must keep in mind that they must know using it.

1.) MH Magazine:

MH Magazine is one of the most SEO friendly themes that is incredible for sites that make enormous measures of content frequently. This theme is additionally adaptable, detail-specific, and adequately adaptable to practically any site.

From an SEO viewpoint, this theme is designed for SEO optimization with its accessibility for individuals who are searching for your site to locate the content they need rapidly and effectively for the individuals who need to make money utilizing promotion space. The design for MH Magazine has accessible and noticeable space for adverts and options to display adverts inside the meat of your posts (content) and additionally in the archive section.

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MH Magazine is very SEO-friendly and contains exceptional navigational guide devices that won’t just get your site more traffic. Still, it will make sure the users can use the site as seamless and straightforward as could be expected under the circumstances.

2.) SEO Crawler:

We love SEO crawler because it is designed prepared and customizable. Utilizing the GoodLayers tool, you will have the option to use the SEO Crawler template to take your content and design an easy to use the site for your intended interest group. Look over numerous Google incorporated textual styles, browse nine different portfolio spreads, and mobile-friendly features that are all Google affirmed.

SEO Crawler likewise utilizes three design demos and more than 15 custom headlines making your SEO crawler template exceptionally yours while additionally diversifying from different templates that are all the more restricting in customizable features and design attributes.

Last but positively not least, with this design, you’ll get all the SEO friendly and perfect extravagant accessories with Yoast SEO, snappy burden times, and features that will make the most enhanced and customized template.

3.) Schema:

Schema has everything, to say the very least. This design template is all the additional you need in an SEO friendly and enhanced WordPress theme. We love a decent template that takes into consideration high positioning capabilities and lightning-fast loading times for users and designers. The schema was cast a ballot the quickest WordPress theme in 2014 regardless we trust it holds that spot.

Different characteristics that make Schema super SEO friendly incorporate well-designed spaces for shopping, surveys, advertisement space, and rating information if you are designing a page for a shop. Regardless of whether the client is perusing the landing page or shop from their phone, tablet, or work area, this is a spotless, organized, quick and well-advanced site that will make you or your client(s) exceptionally cheerful.


4.) SociallyViral:

It is safe to say that you are searching for a theme that will help get more social shares than you would ever envision? SociallyViral’s name doesn’t lie. This is a perfect, organized, and content friendly theme for shops and for destinations that need, however, many social shares as could be expected under the circumstances.

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In this way, how is SociallyViral going to assist you with your SEO and positioning Well for one, omnipotent Google can “see” and pinpoint this template alongside its content because of the ubiquity and association with social offer systems like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest (among others) that will enable a client to effortlessly share information from one stage to the next in this manner improving your ranking?

This quick loading, an efficient site, took into account the individuals who are searching for more perspectives, clicks, and simple to become a web sensation stage.

5.) Best:

Best is one of our most loved SEO friendly WordPress themes because it originates from the designers of MyThemeShop, a gathering devoted to revolving around displays and visuals over valuable content and specifically designed to draw in users with positive visual displays and keep users on the site with quick loading pages.

This theme additionally is phenomenally organized and looks sharp and clean. Side displays will fit audits, appraisals, or connections to different pieces of the webpage just as incorporates conspicuous display buttons for simple social sharing. They will drive traffic from the site to other social stages.

With everything taken into account, Best is SEO friendly because of its perfect and fresh visual feel significantly lessen the pace of users leaving the page and taking into account visuals to be displayed and have the capacity to hold a large measure of dynamic content keeping customers, perusers and experts on your page longer.

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6.) The Gem:

TheGem is designed with SEO at the bleeding edge of design, conveyance, and an appealing template display that will rank your site in the realm of web search tools.

Like a portion of different themes referenced, the primary SEO driver and advantage with this template is the fast burden times, is amazingly mobile-friendly, has code that is both secure and contained while additionally enabling the client to stack pictures and content. Website specialists love this template because of its capabilities and options with regards to minor departure from the design template to accommodate adspace or some other customizations.

From business to individual DIY sites, this pre-orchestrated content likewise incorporates SEO friendly design modules like Visual Composer that will enable personalization and unique style to any landing page.

7.) MagXP:

MyThemeShop group has presented MagXP as genuinely outstanding and most forthcoming SEO-upgraded themes for any site that is being fabricated. There is an expert, visually clean angle to this design that accommodates social offer buttons, content, and photographs that can do enabling your site to be anything but difficult to explore and customized plan that improves your business or message you are attempting to transfer.

One of the most important features is the template’s objective for SEO best practice custom design options that will lead traffic to the site and keep traffic on the site to improve SEO and rank your website quicker.

Sunny ChawlaAbout the Author:

Sunny Chawla is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – best hire SEO experts. He specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services, and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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