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Top 7 Tips To Flawless Android App Development

Android app development, (AR) augmented reality android development or developing any other android application is not an easy task. If you are a beginner or even a professional, you are bound to make mistakes. However, these little mistakes can be minimized, if you have proper tips and trick up your sleeves and keeping that in mind we bring to you exactly what you need. Here are the Top 7 Tips that would help you to build a Flawless Android App. Just check them out.

1.) Avoid Duplication:

In the professional world, it is important that you avoid collision of your application name with others. So it is highly recommended that you register your application name, way before you even get started with the development to avoid any duplication. In case you face a collision with some other developer or a company regarding the application name and you have book your namespace before them then you are safe and if not then my there is nothing that could be done now.

2.) Use Development Tools And Frameworks :

Well, we can’t be talking about flawless android app development without mentioning the development tools and frameworks. Android app development from scratch is really difficult and requires a lot of time. However, if you properly utilize the various android development tools and frameworks then this heavy load of work of developing android applications from scratch can be reduced a little. These development tools allow you to add various features and functionality to your application without writing any code at all. This saves a lot of your time and eases up the development process for the developer. These frameworks and tools also make it easy to test and run the application for you. Although depending on the framework and tools you are using for development, the application execution time and speed might change. So it is always recommended to choose your framework and tools carefully.

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3.) Utilize Cloud Technologies:

Cloud technology has not only changes, but it has revolutionized the way we do and visualize the application development, augmented reality android development and other things as well. Cloud tech will help you not only simplify but solve the major issue of OS (Operating System) fragmentation issue while testing the application. Today this technology is good enough to allow you to develop cloud base applications and games that do not require any physical framework. The best example of this type of application is google stadia, which allows its users to play various games without any download or a console. The basic functioning of these applications is based on cloud technologies. So we highly recommend you to utilize cloud tech to build applications that are a lot faster and do not require the development and maintenance of any physical infrastructure.

Also, you can make use of cloud-based tools that make the development process a lot faster and easier for you. These tools will also help you to provide the same user experience across all of the android devices with ease.


4.) Users Feedback:

It is always important to listen to your users, not only does it makes them feel involved and special, but it also helps you in improving your application. So when you are developing your application always add features so that users can either provide their experience or they can complain about certain bugs. This way you can enhance your application according to your user’s response, their requirements, and needs. Well if you are facing a problem in adding a separate feedback feature to your application, then no need to worry as Google has that covered for you through play store.

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5.) Fast And Responsive UI:

Who would love to use an application that has and slow user interface? Well no one, a slow application is only useful if you want to drive away your users.

So, make sure that your application has a fast and responsive user interface. This is something you need to plan at the very beginning of the development process. How? Well the application speed and response time, can easily be improved by keeping the layouts and other interface elements simple and by performing long-running processes and operation to the main thread. Well, it quite difficult to go through all the components of the application again just to check which individual operation is causing the application to respond slowly. So make sure that when you start your development process, you plan out the whole thing first, just to make sure that your UI is fast and responsive.

6.) App Security:

Make sure to use encryption scripts for passwords and other important user information to make your application has a secure interface. Because security is what makes users trust you.

7.) Follow The Development Trend:

It is important that you built your application according to the new trend in the industry. This will help your application in engaging with the users.

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Alex Jone is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on android 6 development.

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