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Make Customer Communication Easier For Your New Small Business

Proper communication keeps everyone involved in your small business on the same page, especially customers. Meanwhile, poor communication can turn customer interactions with your business into a negative experience. They can share that experience with others, turning people away from your business. Instead, set yourself up for success from the beginning by using tools that can make customer communication easier for you in your small business.

Phone Software:

Most organizations offer customer support over the phone to answer questions, facilitate sales, and troubleshoot products. You may also have phone meetings with clients from time to time. Get professional business phone installation services to ensure that your business phones work properly from the beginning, and take the time to learn how to use the system. You should also consider getting software that keeps detailed records of call volume and call length. These can also record the phone calls for you to reference in the case of a dispute.

Email Management Software:

Many consumers get information from their favourite brands through email. You need email management services that keep all of your emails in one, convenient place and give you the opportunity to send out mass marketing emails to keep people informed of upcoming sales or new products. To build your email list, require it at the time of purchase and allow people to sign up on your website and social media pages. While your email likely already comes with several tools, add-ons and other software can help improve organization and other aspects.



Documents allow detailed description of products, processes, or events. Spreadsheets help keep data organized. These tools help internally, but they can also help externally, too. Use G-suite to create Google Docs or Spreadsheets that you can share with customers when necessary, but establish clear processes that clarify which items employees can share with employees. Make sure that you limit their access to view the documents only so that the customers don’t unintentionally change the document while reading it.

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Video Conferencing:

Sometimes, face-to-face interaction provides the best results. However, many customers can’t come to the office. Video conferencing can make it much easier to speak with customers and establish a more personal relationship without the inconvenience. Only use video conferencing with customers who feel comfortable using the software. Video can also give you an opportunity to bring multiple people together at once to eliminate time-wasting back and forth among multiple parties.

An effective communications strategy will increase sales and customer satisfaction, so invest in the proper communication tools from the very beginning. You will be able to spend your time focusing on handling customer questions instead of struggling to help customers get in contact with you.

Anita GinsburgAbout the Author:

Anita Ginsburg is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She studied at Colorado State University and now enjoys writing about health, business, and family. A mother of two wonderful children, she loves travelling with her family whenever she isn’t writing. She recommends working with business phone installation services when you’re setting up communication tools for your business.

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