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Tips For Traveling To Vietnam – Things You Need To Know To Prepare – INFOGRAPHICS

Year after year, Vietnam is becoming one of the most fashionable countries in all of Southeast Asia. Attracted by its spectacular natural beauty, by its incredible cultural and historical attractions or by its incredible gastronomy, thousands of tourists take advantage of their vacations to tour this incredible country so get your Vietnam Visa soon. If you are going to be one of them if your idea is to travel soon, here are the following tips for traveling to Vietnam. We hope you find them very useful.

Tips For Traveling To Vietnam For The First Time:

As we said, the idea of these basic tips is to help you prepare and plan your trip around the country. The idea is to help you avoid committing, the typical first-time traveler mistakes in the country. So without further confusion, we started with our tips to travel to Vietnam for the first time.

Vietnam Visa:

The first thing you should keep in mind when traveling to the country is the duration of your visa depending on nationality. Except that you are Chilean (who automatically get 90 days of stay) or you are Spanish and travel for less than 15 days in the country, the rest of the nationalities must process your visa before entering Vietnam. A very common mistake is not knowing that these visas are of a single entry, which requires a new visa to re-enter the country.

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Plan Your Route Well:

Another very common mistake to avoid is to plan the route badly. One thing that must be understood is that Vietnam is a very large country, with long distances between the north and south of the country. When moving around the country you can choose between doing it by bus, train or plane. These buses and trains are an ideal option because in many cases they allow you to travel at night, so apart from gaining time on the trip you also save money on accommodation. When choosing your route, avoid making crazy connections. Always try to make the route easier and with better connections. Ideally, focus on knowing a specific area of the country, such as the north, south or center and in case you do not have time to try to cross from one area to another by plane, make a domestic flight with some of the airlines that operate in the country. Remember that one of the biggest expenses that every budget has is that of travel. The less you do, the better for your economy.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Vietnam Visa

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