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How An SEO Expert Builds An Effective Marketing Strategy?

Running a successful business in the modern world is not for the fainthearted. Large brands are finding themselves competing rigorously against vibrant startups powered by a passion for creativity. Digital marketing now makes it possible for small businesses to compete on a level field and this has revolutionized the business landscape. If your business is not fully digitized, you risk losing business to the more digitized businesses.

Online Marketing In Numbers:

An Adobe’s 2013 survey of marketers showed 73% of marketers believed the internet would influence marketing in the foreseeable future. A similar study by AdWeek in 2016 shows that 75% of marketers say digital marketing will take account for a third of their budgets in the next 5 years.

To leverage the growing influence of digital marketing, almost every business now has some form of online presence. Business websites have now become an integral part of modern businesses as a way to capture the growing internet market.

To appreciate how big the impact of internet marketing has become, consider these numbers; according to a HubSpot Study, 81% of consumers now use search engines to find products and services they want before visiting a store. What’s more, Google boasts over 100 billion searches every month according to Mashable. Considering that 93% of internet experiences start with a search engine, it is obvious your business needs to have a huge presence online.

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Place Of Search Engine optimization (SEO):

While millions of websites are being indexed daily, only a few of these make money. The major problem is of course poor ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) for ranking keywords. If your target customers cannot find your website, then it simply doesn’t exist.

According to im FORZA, 75% of internet searchers don’t click beyond the first page of SERPs. About 80% of users also ignore paid ads and go for organic results. If your website is not optimized for organic search, you are staring at a slow demise of your investment.

This is where a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant comes in handy. An SEO expert (Sand Crest brings on board expertise and resources to boost your site’s ranking on SERPs for ranking keyword and phrases. The idea is not only to increase your ranking but also to comprehensively review your website, identify all weaknesses and attract organic traffic.


Effective SEO Ideas:

With a better user experience, you are guaranteed of higher ranking and this is done by implementing white hat SEO techniques. Below are a few simple yet foolproof techniques your SEO consultant should be using:

1.) Keyword Research And Optimization:

Keywords are the most talked about topic in SEO and for many good reasons. The keywords or phrases you choose determine how easily your target audience will find you.  Previously, all a webmaster had to do was find popular keywords and stuff them in their site’s content for high ranking. However, Google algorithm updates has made this impossible.

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Your SEO consultant will work with your team to research keywords that users are most likely to use. It is important to avoid broad keywords and instead narrow down to exact long-tail phrases which users are more likely to use today. There are different free and licensed tools you can use to find the right keywords. These tools save you both time and money by giving suggestions based on your search criteria.

2.) Learn From The Competition:

One advantage of the digital marketing platform is the high level of innovation. For instance, you can easily monitor what your competition is doing and learn from their strengths and weaknesses in order to gain a competitive edge over them.

Competitor analysis is now an integral part of any SEO campaign as it helps you see which keywords the competition is ranking for and quality of incoming links, Google PageRank™ of ranking pages, and popularity of linking domain among others.

3.) Effective Content Strategy:

Content is key in SEO and this is not going to change any time soon. Whatever you might have read from so called gurus, Google still focuses on the quality of content in its ranking. Make sure you invest in original, fresh and relevant content that should be updated regularly. Such content should be easily sharable and very linkable to get desired results.

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Other SEO strategies include optimizing headings, sub headings, titles and Meta tags, optimizing robots.txt file, website audit and effective link building. Whatever you do, make sure your SEO campaign starts with a solid strategy. It is important to use a highly qualified SEO company which understands your business goals. More importantly, the SEO consultant should be ready to work with your team in order to develop a cohesive SEO campaign.

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