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4 Things To Stop Doing If You Want To Make Money From Your Blog

Do you want to make money from your blog? It’s possible. If you’ve got some serious writing talent and are good at building a following it isn’t even that hard. The thing is simply that you need to avoid doing those things which will undermine your efforts. Because it’s very straight forward. A few of the wrong choices will outweigh all the right choices that you may have made so far.

That’s because bad is stronger than good. A negative thing can have much more impact than an equally weighed positive thing. For example, if you write incredible copy but people find it difficult to read because your font color and background color clash, then the former becomes meaningless.

For that reason, to make your blog more profitable it is essential you aim at eliminating the negative. Here are some things you need to stop doing right now to make your blog more profitable.

1.) Expecting Your Writing To Be Enough:

Blogging is not just about your blog. You need to not only create high-quality content but you also need to make sure that it gets in front of enough people. The trick to doing that is to make sure that you don’t just write content but then spend about as much time marketing it as you spent writing it to begin with.

This means constantly cultivating new relationships with other writers, editors and bloggers. This means becoming part of groups where people are interested in the content you have and then talking it up (while not forgetting that social media is about being social and not about pushing only your own product). This means not just blasting content at people but engaging with them.

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Often, the success of a blog is just partially down to what you’re writing there. Just as importantly is whether people like you and want to engage with you. That second part can only be achieved by marketing effectively and building those relationships.

2.) Publishing Without Editing:

Do you know what the difference between good and great writing is? Editing. Editing is how you make your text better. It’s where you remove the superfluous words, fix the poorly worded sentences and in other ways remove the debris that’s cluttering up your writing and annoying your audience.

Just as importantly, in the long run if editing is where you take your craft and make it better. It’s where you take what you’re doing and put it under the loop, so that you see what does and does not work. In this way, you don’t just make the text you’re writing right now better, but you’re actually making yourself a better writer.

That means that every time you sit down and edit a text, you’re making sure that the next time you sit down and write something, you’re going to do an even better job. And that matters, as today there are so many people putting out content that only if you stick head and shoulder out from the competition will you actually have a chance.

Of course, the best texts need two people. They need the writer and an editor that writer can then engage with to create truly outstanding copy. This is because the editor can see the text as it is and not as the writer meant it to be (something you as a writer can never let go). For that reason, if you really want your blog to excel, bring on board an editor – at least for the most important pieces. They can turn a good piece into a homerun.

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And you need those if you want to turn your blog into a real money maker. So consider getting some academic writing help so every now and then.


3.) Avoid The Advertorial:

You might think the advertorials are the best way to make a quick buck from your site. And if you’ve got a nice bit of traffic they can indeed give you some cash in hand fast. The thing is, your readers will notice. And they won’t like it.

You see, we read blogs because we want an honest opinion from somebody who isn’t in the pocket of big business. Advertorials are the opposite of that. They are a sneaky ways that companies try to come in under the radar and sell us things while we’re not even aware that they’re doing so.

And sure, you can announce that something is an advertorial but that doesn’t change that the moment you start using this kind of selling technique, people have to start being more careful around your words. They can’t just let themselves sink into your words, because they always have to be warry of those products that you might be sneaking in between the lines.

People don’t like that. And as there are so many other options out there for them to read, they’ll start leaving you when you use this technique – initially in a trickle, later on in a flood.

4.) Straight Jacketing Yourself:

You’ve probably read a lot about how you should have your own niche and how you can only make money if you stick to that. And that’s good advice if you found a niche that’s making you good money. The thing is, if you’re reading this article then you’re probably not one of those people, which means your niche might not be working out for you as you’d hoped.

Don’t be afraid to stray a little bit out of your specific niche if this is the case. Often, the best strategy to actually finding what you want to write about is to start out in one niche and then slowly letting yourself drift into what both really excites you and what really excites your audience.

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This type of organic circling is both going to make it far more likely that you’ll actually be able to write something that’s unique and highly interesting to your audience, as well as to make it possible for you to keep going for the long haul.

After all, making money on a blog takes time. You first need to earn that most valuable resource of the 21st century – attention. Only when you’ve got plenty of that can you begin to harvest it and turn it into money. So focus on getting that by varying your theme until you find the right fit.

Last Words:

Getting your blog to take off will be a lot of work. It will take time and effort. So don’t do this if you’re not willing to stick around for the long haul. At the same time, it is still possible. If you’ve got the right instincts, a good talent for the written word and are great at pulling in people’s attention then it can be an incredibly effective way to earn your own freedom.

You just need to keep tweaking and keep trying. Growth is good. And best of all, you only need to be discovered once. So don’t give up. Just get rid of those problems and you’ll be well on your way.

Ashley KorneeAbout the Author:

Ashley Kornee is a blogger and freelance writer. She always tries to write about ordinary things in a creative way. She’s currently working on college essay help.

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