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7 Best Gadgets Every Student Should Have

Gone are the days when the teacher was the only source of information in the classroom. Today, most students have gadgets and technology allowing them to learn independently. The new technologies have revolutionized learning by allowing independent research, collaborative learning, sharing of ideas and boosting communication. If you are in college, you can now access the internet using your laptop or smartphone and get assignment help from online sources such as

There are other essential gadgets every student should have, and this article highlights some of these below:

1.) Portable Computer:

Every student today needs a lightweight but powerful computer. It is an essential tool in the learning process as it allows students to research, write better quality papers and access the best learning resources online. There is no need to rush to the library every time the teacher gives an assignment because your laptop has everything you need.

2.) E-Reader:

E-Readers are all the rage and for many good reasons. If you are in college, you need to join the bandwagon and get yourself an e-reader. E-Readers gave many benefits including easy access to learning materials, reading on the go, accessing e-books on any topic, built-in dictionaries among other features. With an e-reader, you can search and find any book you wish to read and this makes this a must-have gadget for today’s students.

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3.) Portable Hard Drive:

As the world continues going digital, it is highly likely that most your learning materials and other important documents are in digital format. Your laptop and smartphone offer good storage options but you need a Portable Hard Drive to back up your work.

The last thing you want is to lose your 3000-word essay due to a laptop malfunction.  On this hard drive, you can save thousands of files without any risk of loss as these gadgets come in 1TB, 2TB and 500GB varieties.


4.) Noise-canceling Headphones:

Studying requires a lot of concentration but in college, it is not easy to get the peace you want. This is where Noise-Cancelling Headphones come in handy allowing you to read and write even from a public place or when traveling.

5.) Voice Recorder:

It is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of gadgets suitable for students but there are many reasons it should. A voice recorder allows you to take lecture notes without the trouble of writing everything down. It is easy to go through the class notes by listening to your professor as compared to reading copious notes in your book. A Business Insider survey puts a voice recorder among the 7 must-have gadgets for every university student.

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6.) SmartAssistants:

You can choose from among Amazon’s Echo Show, Google’s Home Mini, Sonos One, JBL Link 20, Sonos Beam among others. These devices help students get answers quickly when studying. These devices use the latest virtual assistant technology to get you any answers you need.

7.) Portable Wi-Fi Device:

When doing research or homework, the last thing you want is an interrupted internet connection. This is where a portable Wi-Fi device comes in handy.

These gadgets can make your college life easier and more pleasant. Go ahead and try them.

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