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The 12 Keys To Getting YouTube Subscribers Fast

YouTube is a social platform. Liking or sharing are two key features of this social media. The number of subscribers is undoubtedly one of the factors that measure the strength of a channel, along with the quality of the content and videos. What is clear is that the larger your audience, the greater the impact your content and channel will have. I will tell you the importance of subscribers and some techniques to get more of them in more detail. Let’s go!

Why Is It Important To Get Subscribers On YouTube?

A channel on YouTube can open a window to a new world of considerable dimensions of visibility. In fact, in all likelihood, YouTube may be the most important media channel of all social platforms today. Just read the following statistics that will give you a clear idea of what YouTube means today:

  • 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • YouTube has more than 1.9 billion monthly active users.
  • More than 70% of YouTube view is generated from mobile devices.
  • YouTube is visible in more than 91 countries.
  • More than 75% of channels own more than 1 million subscribers.
  • YouTube is the second largest website after Google.
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There is not much to say, being present on YouTube is betting on great relevance and visibility. The number of subscribers is one of the factors that will bring strength and solidity to your YouTube channel. A large audience will attract brands and greater business opportunities. Get subscribers? I will tell you some tips that can help you grow the number of them.

The Top 12 Keys To Getting Subscribers:

1.) Try To Differentiate Yourself From Others:

YouTube is filled with videos and channels that talk about the same thing. The idea is to talk and show what you know but in a different way. Without moving away from what you are or represent. Select your differentiating factor to address similar issues but in the most original way possible.

2.) Make Calls To Action:

Well, we not only have to work to offer a quality and attractive product. Also, the user must be encouraged to be part of your channel or community. Invite subscribers gently and subtly to join the channel or use the options to include links or screens at the end of the video to stimulate viewers.

3.) Offer Attractive And Hot Content:

It is often very advisable to put yourself in the shoes of the other party and try to recognize that it may be attractive or interesting. With such brutal competition, the content to be shown must have enough strength and quality to hook users or convince them that your videos add more value than others. Current affairs are often in high demand and a good starting point for gaining subscribers.

4.) Publish Videos With A Constant Frequency:

We all know the importance of being consistent in all areas related to social media. On YouTube, the publication of videos must be guided under a constant frequency. The channel should give the feeling of being alive and a good place to get information and videos. When a subscriber joins a channel, they do so because they have the idea and expectation that they will be able to see more videos. Consistency is one of the walls that millions of aspiring YouTubers tend to crash into.

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5.) Create Playlists For Your Videos:

Playlists are a great way to organize your videos thematically. In other words, making your YouTube channel easier to navigate by offering your content in an organized and simple way can be a trigger to add more subscribers to your channel. A good playlist increases the chances of viewing more videos and wowing users to the final subscription.


6.) Make Quality Video And Quality Sound:

We all love the best quality video and audio. If you like it, so do users and subscribers. You will probably have to spend a bit of money on good equipment, but it will pay off in the short term. There are indeed channels that do not stand out for their quality and are successful. They are exceptional cases where the charisma of the author and its content rise above quality.

7.) Collaborate With Other YouTubers:

In all likelihood, you’ve already seen collaborations between YouTubers. It is a very good technique because naturally, both of your audience come together to join the channels in a bidirectional way, increasing your visibility and reach.

8.) Interact With Your Audience:

Promoting interaction and communication on social platforms is more than a priority. Answering questions from subscribers and users, encouraging opinions or video ideas is a good way to empathize and increase subscription.

9.) Create A Memorable Intro:

The intro of a video is like a presentation or personal signature that will serve as a greeting and opener for your video. It is a great differentiating factor. Therefore you have to work on it and offer the best of yourself. Don’t look for something complicated or long. Users want to see your video and not a 20-second intro. A free YouTube intro maker is a must.

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10.) Include Surprises At The End Of Your Videos:

Surprising the user is a good way to enhance the appeal of your videos. Good content with a final surprise can be the trigger for good subscribers. Take care of this and do not abuse it. You can host a giveaway or contest on engaging your followers.

11.) Optimize The Title, Description, And Tags:

The optimization of texts and words is key for a better SEO positioning on YouTube. As in a web page, you have to optimize titles, descriptions, and labels. Include your keyword and try to be as descriptive as possible. Users have to have an idea of what they are going to see in the video.

12.) Combine Youtube With Other Platforms:

It is not advisable to work only on a social network, enjoy the power of different social networks.

YouTube can be combined with any social network. Facebook, Twitter, all of them will give relevance to the content. Share between various social networks for greater visibility and an increase in subscribers.

To Sum Up:

To be successful on YouTube, you need to be strategic and rigorous in applying all the tips. That is, follow the guidelines that I just listed. If you choose a good theme, create good content, apply the strategies that I have mentioned, there must be a boost in your YouTube. All these techniques are very interesting and effective to increase subscribers to a YouTube channel. So go for it!

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