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Top 10 Free Online Codes Live Preview And Share Sites

These destinations permit you to share and flaunt your code. They all have live sees so other individuals can see your code in real life. They’re now and again alluded to as “code play areas” or “sandboxes”.

More than basically places to demo your source code in, a considerable lot of them are additionally incredible devices for code coordinated effort and real coding work. For instance, on the off chance that you require help investigating your source code, utilize one of these destinations to share your hazardous code, and after that give the connection to your watchers. Doing this gives them an advantageous method for having the capacity to survey your source code and offer arrangements.

Why To Use These Sites?

There are a great deal of locales out there which enable you to flaunt your source code. It’s impractical — or even valuable to you — if I somehow happened to cover them all.

To make this rundown progressively sensible, I made a sensible arrangement of prerequisites the site needed to meet. These necessities make the site easy to use for coders who need to share their code demos.

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The site needed to meet these criteria:

  • It has live review
  • The client can save their work and have the capacity to share a one of a kind connect to it
  • No join needed to get to the two highlights above. Record creation adds an additional progression to the way toward sharing code. Likewise, this model gives coders who require or incline toward namelessness the choice of not revealing any close to home data.


1.) CodePen:

On CodePen, you can demo your code in what are called Pens. A Pen can consist of HTML, CSS, and JS. CodePen has many features that make it easy to show off your code. For example, it supports Sass and Less syntax, and the option to “Quick-add” popular JS libraries like jQuery and Angular. Check out the site’s popular Pens for inspiration.

2.) Liveweave:

Liveweave is an excellent online source code editor. It’s also, according to the site, the ultimate playground for web designers and developers, and a great tool to test, practice and share your creations. What I like about Liveweave is how simple it is to add a third-party dependency to your demo. You can add Bootstrap, jQuery, or other popular web development packages in two clicks.

3.) dabblet:

This code-demoing platform slants a little more towards CSS, but it does have HTML and JavaScript capabilities. A nice touch is that it uses the -prefix-free JS library by default, which means you don’t have to worry about vendor-prefixing your CSS properties.

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4.) JS Fiddle:

JS Fiddle has a ton of features for your JavaScript code demos. It has multiple versions of dev libraries such as jQuery, MooTools, and React. It has an implementation of the code analysis tool JSHint built into its interface. JS Fiddle even allows you to simulate Ajax requests using its Echo API.

5.) Plunker:

Plunker is an online community for creating, collaborating on and sharing your web development ideas. Its code editor is rich in features. The code editor has: live streaming so people can watch you code in real-time, code-forking, user-contributed development stacks/templates, a built-in code-linting interface, and more. See the most viewed demos on Plunker.

6.) CSSDeck:

CSSDeck has a clean user interface. If you’re looking for a simple tool to show off your source code, this is a good candidate. People who look at your code demo can leave comments on it, but to do so, they must register an account or sign-in with their GitHub account.

7.) .) codepad:

codepad is another option for demoing your server-side code. It supports programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, C, C++, Python, and more.

8.) JS Bin:

JS Bin is a feature-packed tool for your source code demos. It even has a console (command-line interface) for debugging and inspecting code. The console works much like the one in Chrome Developer Tools. Oh, and also JS Bin has codecasting.

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9.) jqversion:

This is a great testing ground for jQuery code. jqversion has multiple versions of jQuery — it even has release-candidate versions.

10.) SQL Fiddle:

SQL Fiddle is for demoing your SQL statements. It can execute MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, and SQLite statements.

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