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6 Tips For Social Media Ads That Escalate Your Business

All of us know why we need advertising for our business. Advertising must be targeted where most of the prospective customers can be found. All our prospective customers are now on the so many social media platforms. The emerging trends favor social media advertising more than any other means.

After so many trials and efforts, when we start feeling that we have mastered the art of advertising through our X years of experience, the trends change. And, we are compelled to believe that we are novices again, on our journey to exploration!

Advertising is thus a tough art to master. And social media is also varied. So, what sells on one platform may not be equally effective on the other. It becomes crucial to identify these for leveraging your ad campaigns at the best.

But, there are some tactics that will always work for your business.

So, let us have a look at some of those factors that we must focus on for our social media ad campaign. 

1.) Balance Aesthetics With Information:

Yes, aesthetics are a must for your advertisement. And, I am not trying to convince you otherwise. But, can aesthetic alone do the trick? The answer is, no!

Your ad must convey the right amount of information too. It can include the primary features or functionality and even costs.

Does your ad convey the key and distinguishing features of your product or service? If not, it is just an eye candy and has failed for your brand.

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Moreover, if you can recollect, the ads which brought you the most business were those which were able to convey the prime features of your product in the shortest possible duration.

To derive the most returns on your investment, your ad must reflect an appropriate mix of beauty and brains!

2.) Make Your Brand Memorable:

Try to recollect one of your favorite age-old advertisements. Oh! You still remember it. But, do you remember the brand it was associated with?

First and foremost, the ad should make your brand memorable. After watching the advertisement, if the audience remembers only the advertisement, the purpose of the campaign fails.

Attaching your brand taglines or slogans to the ad can help to make your brand memorable.

Associating the ad to some social cause is one of the best ways to make both your product and the brand memorable.

Attaching some fun element has always made the ad catchy, and also encourages its social sharing.

3.) Visuals Or Text?

For eye-catching social media ads, it is a good idea to use more visuals. The text is inevitable sometimes. But it should not be overdone.

Images are always convincing. The trend has also shifted to videos. Videos with occasional text flashes help shift the focus of the viewer.

Some platforms are conducive to visuals more than the text. It is important to target these with good quality images and videos.

If you are using text, it must contain prominent keywords. Still, one should avoid using too many of them. So the trick is to choose the best keywords even out of the list of the prominent ones.

For selecting the right keyword, it is also important to focus on the type of platform for advertising.

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Based on your product types, it becomes sometimes inevitable to use more text than images. For example, the configuration is reviewed by the customers before purchasing electronics gadgets. Looks matter to a much trivial extent for these products. In such products, images are less convincing than specifications.


4.) Forum Specific:

Advertising should be forum specific. Social media ads are different from television ads.

Social media ads also differ from one platform to another due to the inherent characteristics of the platform.

Each platform also has a specific type of audience. You can choose the platform based on the type of audience that you are targeting.

If you are a fashion brand, it might be a good idea to target Facebook for advertising. But, for cloud servers, isn’t LinkedIn a better option?

If you are targeting multiple platforms, the ad should still be different for each. And inherently, some platforms have specific means of advertising like buyable pins of Pinterest.

5.) Reality And Truth:

False advertising is used by those who want to just follow marketing tactics. But, for a customer or prospective customer, the brand is only as legitimate as its advertisement.

And, we must remember that marketing tactics change very rapidly and so does the market. But, the reputation of fakeness, once attached to a brand, is a cost to it for a lifetime.

The product features claimed in its ad are those which the customer will look for in the product when planning to buy or use it. So, the only trick is, never lie!

“Tell the truth, or someone will tell it for you.” – Stephanie Klein, Straight Up and Dirty

Including false claims about your brand or product can only spoil your brand reputation beyond repair. If you have to attract the attention of your audience, there are better ways to do it.

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For this reason, the ads with real customer reviews perform the best. Include customer feedback or reviews, if you can.

6.) The Theme To Match Your Brand:

It is always good to connect the concept of your ad with your brand theme. And the theme should reflect your vision.

The colors, background, and scripts, everything in the ad must comply with the theme selected.

Organic products must be advertised in the colors of nature. Flowers, fruits, and other elements of nature offer a good match to your organic brand. These subtle colors represent the soothing effect of natural cosmetic products.

Likewise, electronics go well with shades of blue, grey, and black. Would you ever want to see a laptop in a nature park?

And similarly, ads for baby products must appeal to the parents. The baby cannot anyway watch your ad, can she?


A recent research suggests that soon we can expect ads even on social messengers. Thus, leveraging the social media channel for paid advertising is one of the best ways to promote a business.

All of us need the best from our ad initiatives. And now we also know how to achieve it. So, don’t wait any further, now it’s up to you!.

Jin MarkovAbout the Author:

Jin Markov is a Content Writer with, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 5 years and has been writing on areas related to technology for small business and social media marketing.

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