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Revolutionizing The Way You Make Invoices – Simple And On The Go!

Invoicing is the lifeline of all businesses. Businesses survive by selling products or services and they have to generate an invoice for whatever they sell.

The Primitive Days Of Paper Invoices:

In the older days, this used to be a handwork. The business firm will have a pre-printed invoice which they fill and hand over to the customer keeping a copy to themselves for accounting purposes. End of every day, the person-in-charge would make a summary of these invoices and cross check with the day’s collections and credits. Once found perfect, they are posted to the accounts. While manipulation was difficult, the process of a genuine change or cancellation was even more difficult. This continued to be the process till invoicing became automated.

As We Adopted Digital Technology:

As technology advanced, businesses totally washed their hands off manual invoicing and got used to computerised invoicing. This made matters easier as they could use the digital data for various purposes that included accounting. It was now easier to get detailed reports on sales and various other related reports with digital data. Soon they became available on the internet and web-based invoicing applications gained popularity among the big organizations which spanned over 2 or more distant locations. Even at this stage, only the affluent businesses could automate their workflow as it involved huge investments for purchasing the software as well as installing, using and maintaining it.

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Getting Things Done On The Move:

At present, the businesses are moving on to smart invoicing. People want everything on the go and as with everything, invoicing too. High demand for creating and sharing the invoice on the go got popular with easy-to-use invoicing software like workflowmax making it look like a cake-walk. Their idea was to make the data available online available at the customer’s fingertips. This revolutionized the eCommerce world that benefits the most from Invoicing on the go.

Now a majority of the business invoicing is done over cloud computing as it is more affordable and convenient. With cloud computing, data can be accessed over the internet anytime from anywhere which makes it available on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. More than large organizations the freelancers and the SMBs are making the most of these technologies which make online invoicing and accounting simple and affordable.


Get Paid Too With Invoicing On The Go:

As competition gets tougher, the requirements from invoicing software are shifting to a broader base that includes payment gateways too. With more and more individuals and companies crossing their business borders across the world, their need for Invoicing on the go also increases to keep up with the different time zones. They need to adopt payment gateways that accept multiple currencies. This makes sure that people from everywhere can purchase from your site or you can send your invoice to any part of the world and receive payment on the go. Some software also supports invoicing in multiple languages which make a huge impression on the overseas client.

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Do More With Online Invoicing:

Smart Invoicing software comes with boundless features for the organizations. It invariably provides better analytics to the business manager. Moreover, invoicing software typically come with related features like order or enquiry, estimation, sales & invoicing and even accounting. This ensures the SMBs can track the complete business process on the go. They can now know the exact ratio of orders that have been pitched to sales, the time taken to close the deal. They can even bill the client for the time taken to complete a service or let them make part payments according to different milestones and track the same.

What used to take hours of manual calculation is now available at the click of a few buttons. With user-friendly invoicing software, freelancers and SMBs are able to cut down their cost on invoicing in terms of stationery and man-hours and invest the same in better technology that improves their products or services. There’s no better way to gain customer satisfaction and more business than providing the best to your customers. This reflects on the goodwill and economy of your business slowly and soon you will realize your business goals.

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