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Why Your Health Must Be Your First Priority In Business?

Structuralist and post-structuralist philosophers clarified that there are different structures in every person’s life, and the way a person lives their life depends on which of these structures is the most important to them. In simpler words; one lives their life as per whatever is their top priority.

As we all discovered the structures that guide us and our existence, we forgot that we were all taught to take care of ourselves and give priority to our health right when we were kids; but over the years as we got busy and occupied ourselves with several other things, this motto slid quite low on our list of priorities if not off it altogether.

In our busy business lives, we have forgotten to take care of ourselves, and we rely on luck for our health, even though easy and helpful services like online doctor appointment, and much more. Here are the reasons why your health must be your first priority even though you have many other important goals in your life.

To Eat What You Want:

What do you like to eat best? Our personal favorites are spaghetti in pesto, and then doughnuts for dessert. If you are healthy, you can eat your favorite fish and chips, get extra ice cream and whipped cream in your frappe, and never have to think twice before ordering another bowl of mac-n-cheese.

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If you are unhealthy, you are sure to have a diet that needs monitoring and controlling. Lifestyle changes and food habit changes are the initial steps to fixing any medical condition. But these are sure to leave you with endless cravings and with fewer options in drinks and dishes.

Moreover, eating is a crucial and primitive part of any socialization process. If you cannot eat what everyone on the table is eating, you are bound to feel left out as you order rice crisps.

To ensure you can eat whatever you like, whenever you like, and enjoy your favorite dishes on the menu of your favorite diner, it is crucial to take a few steps towards your health, so this experience can continue for a long time.


To Wear What You Want:

Every time a person eats a third brownie of their extra rich home-made fudgy batch, their pants whisper a prayer to the stars in the sky. When they don’t stop after their fourth brownie either, the clothes in their dresser start silently start sobbing.

When we do not feel confident about our bodies, there is no way we can flaunt even the most beautiful outfits. This does not mean everyone needs to be starvingly unhealthy and looking like unrealistic ram models, and getting liposuction to fit into outrageous and extravagant corsets; this means everyone needs to maintain a healthy weight that their body is comfortable in and feels healthy in.

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Being healthy is not interchangeable with being thin and never will be. But being healthy ensures that a person looks radiant and happy to work too, even if they are only wearing sweatpants and haven’t done their hair.

If one’s weight keeps fluctuating, it is also difficult to maintain a wardrobe that one is proud of and feels fabulous in. What is the point of getting a pair of really cute shorts if they won’t fit a month later?

To Get What You Want:

Being unwell is about a lot of things, but it is also a lot about money. Being unhealthy- having unhealthy habits like binge drinking, smoking, not eating for 20 hours and then making up by eating a large pizza all by oneself, are all invitations to several health issues.

The consequence of these is the failure of the body to work at its best and then several visits to the doctor. Being physically unhealthy is only the beginning of an overall imbalance. This can lead to issues related to blood pressure, diabetes, hormonal fluctuations, cholesterol, and more.

The result is a lot of money spent on hospital bills, doctor’s consultations, and outpatient costs like tests and drugs. These should in no means be estimated to be a small expense, as the bills total up to be higher than a fresher’s monthly salary. If this much money is spent on medical expenses, maintaining lifestyle standards obviously becomes extremely difficult. How is one likely to get all the nice things that they like, then?

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To Be Successful:

Ambition is infectious, as it is blinding. Being successful requires hard work, diligence, resilience, and willpower. All of these, believe it or not, have a direct correlation with one’s health.

A healthy lifestyle and good habits mean one gets a good night’s sleep, which means they can work hard every morning at the office. It also means one is energetic and can go on for a long time performing in the office, or for their business. They have higher motivation which serves as their personal mechanism to get them to achieve all their personal goals.

Only a person who is healthy can work efficiently and inspire those around them to do the same. If success is a lifestyle, health is the key to living it.

By taking simple steps to improve one’s daily habits of sleeping and eating healthier food, and getting rid of unhealthy habits like smoking and binge drinking, you can instantly see results in their stamina and energy levels.

By making health one’s first priority, everything else is sure to fall in line in your life. Health is the first step to making sure you can live a long and fulfilling life that is satiating in every aspect.

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